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Hi Everyone! Been on the road and finally coming to the end of the book tour (going south in october) last stop Chicago. Just want to tell you about a very special store I visited in Bellevue, WA...I have been to so many precious stores (if you haven't heard I'm a shopoholic) but I just love this store called Common Folk Co. Ran by the darling shop owner Kat...
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  1. Clara reply

    Mindy! I love that you have a blog now…I will be an avid reader so please keep writing! I know you’re coming down to San Diego soon for a book signing- try to stop by a store called Whim on the way down- they are just like the Common Folk’d love it! I’ve been to the Common Folk Co and loved it as well.

    Your Biggest Fan!

  2. Kathryn Straub reply

    Thank you so much for your kind words. My staff and I were just thrilled to have you visit our store. You are so fabulous. Next time you will have to stay longer.
    Lots of warm wishes, Kathryn and the staff of Common Folk Co.

  3. Kenny Kim reply

    Hi Mindy – it was great meeting you in Chicago. Thanks for everything. I blog about my experience in my blog website! Feel free to browse by at your leisure. Bob & Dawn absolutely adore you. :)

  4. Danielle Flowers reply

    Mindy, congratulations on such a successful tour. While I was lost in a blog coma the other day, I found this and thought you might like to read the comment this bride (whom I don’t know!) made about your “Keep it Together” line.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  5. aimee sicuro reply

    Hi Mindy,

    Your book is so fantastic. Your site and whimsical sense of style is something I really enjoy!

  6. Heather van Breda reply

    I finally made it in to Common Folk Co. today, and what a treat that was! Kathryn was a gracious store-hostess, full of helpful ideas, and beautiful items in every corner. Thanks for pointing them out to me!

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Not sure if you all know that I am a shoe nut....but I admit it! Thought I'd share with you 3 shoes in 3 different price ranges that really work well for all types of wedding gowns. My brides have each worn at least one of these pairs of shoes and they lasted close to 5 hours without throwing them under their table...As you know no wedding shoes can be w...
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  1. Booters reply

    Hi Mindy,
    Are there any shoes that you can recommend for brides who don’t like heels?
    I love all your fun blog postings! Congrats on your book tour!

  2. Melissa at MasterPiece Weddings reply

    Love all of those shoes! I think that brides don’t realize how long they are going to be on their feet on their big day – between dancing, pictures, reception, ceremony.

    Comfortable Shoes are a must!

  3. Jen reply

    I love that you’ve shown some great shoes and different price points. I’m doing a bridal shoe series on my site as well that you might want to check out too. I’ve got shoes for the Bride and Bridesmaid already posted..and more to come for the entire female bridal party. Hope you enjoy!

  4. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Booters…
    Go tp LOVE their choices for low heeled wedding shoes. Mindy

  5. Booters reply

    Thanks Mindy!
    I can’t wait to check out Piperlime’s selection!
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Angel Gabriel reply

    Awesome design!! I think high heel white stuff shoes are best for wedding, because those really provide the finishing touch for the bride.

  7. Alison Dalewitz reply

    The Jimmy Choo Macy is the best best shoe ever! I wore it three years ago to my own wedding and it was so comfortable. It’s so worth the $ For people who live in the NY area, bring it to Jims and they will dye it any color you want!

  8. Melanie reply

    I worked for Jimmy Choo for a while, and I have to say the Macy is a very comfortable shoe. However, I have to say if the Louboutin slingback came in white and ivory satin…that would be my choice for a wedding shoe. I have them in black satin and LOVE THEM! I can wear them for 8 hours no problem! I’m looking at the Louboutin peep-toe slingback or peeptoe pump in metallic gold or bronze for mine.

  9. Betsy reply

    i LOVE those stuart shoes!

  10. Alison Dalewitz reply

    I just saw in the new Brides magazine (Sep/Oct 2008) page 520 by chinese Laundry it’s called the Baldwin $69 comes in 6 colors!

    It looks a lot like the Macy by Jimmy Choo but is not as $$$$$

    Only bad thing it does not come in white :(

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Book Tour
Hi All, Well i'm in New York on the first leg of my First ever Book Tour. In case you didn't know I wrote a Book...The Wedding Book, The Big Book for Your Big Day. Took about 4 years to write ...and i hope you find that a lot of love and thought went into each page. I hope Liz (my co-writer) and I have touched on every little and big question you  may have...
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  1. yessi reyes reply

    dear mindy,
    my name is Yessi Reyes i am 24years old from miami. i have heard so many great things about. that i have googled you every where.
    im starting my home based event planning business ans was hoping you can guide me in theright direction. i have taken courses on top of the 4 1/2 years of experiance i have in the business which i love everyday.
    right now im working for a venue and im gaining lots more experiance and my vendor list.

    thank you soooooooo much for taking the time to read this….

    ! keep doing great work!

    look foward to meeting you one day !

  2. Maria reply

    Hi Mindy!

    I was wondering if you do weddings outside of the USA. My wedding is in Guatemala City, central america on the 21 of march.

    Please contact me back.


  3. Holli Ehrlich reply

    It was exciting to be at the launch party in NYC for your fantastic book. Brides will be armed with practical information, advice and guidance from a savvy expert that really understands the total wedding planning experience from engagement to marriage. It’s a must-read for aspiring wedding planners. Mindy is a dedicated wedding professional that truly wants you to have the wedding of your dreams. Thank you Mindy.

    Holli Ehrlich
    Co-founder Wedding Podcast Network
    The #1 wedding talk show on the Internet

  4. Lisa from Blush reply

    Unfortunately, your touring schedule won’t bring you anywhere near my city. Best of luck, happy traveling, and congratulations on your book! Welcome to the wonderful community of wedding bloggers!

  5. Melissa at MasterPiece Weddings reply

    Welcome to the Wonderful of Blogging!! I am sure you’ll be fantastic at it!

    I got the press release about your book today, and found your blog today, it’s my lucky day!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  6. Angela reply

    Love the new blog and can’t wait to see what’s new! Congratulation’s on your new book!

  7. Nicole Drewery reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I am so excited about your new book and the blog! I’m hoping to get great tips from you about the wedding industry. I am in the midst of getting my own wedding planning business off the ground. I have been intrigued by weddings since a very early age and you have been an amazing inspiration along the way.
    Your new book just arrived in the bridal salon where I am currently working. It is definitely the wedding bible…it is amazing! Unfortunately, your book tour isn’t coming to the Orlando area, but I still can’t wait to pick up a copy of my own!

    Best Wishes,
    Nicole Drewery
    Pavé Weddings by Nicole

  8. Crismar reply

    Congratulations!!!… I’am your fan, since that I discovered your web site…

    I have a question: Do you think write your book in spanish?… belive me the latin american people make a lot of parties every month.

    Thanks!! and I send you a hug!!

  9. MixMingleGlow reply

    well I for one have been waiting FOREVER for that new book to be released so hip-hip-hooray!!! I need to check out your book tour schedule and see where you’ll be jetting off to next. Maybe close to me! {{fingers & toes crossed!}}

    Good luck and keep us posted on all the “fun”! :)

  10. Gabrielle reply

    You’re coming to Dallas! WOO HOO!

  11. Jennifer Ramirez-Jasiczek reply

    Congratulations on the book. I hope your book tour brings you through Texas.

  12. Mark Kingsdorf – The Queen of Hearts reply


    It was great meeting you yesterday during your brief stop in Philadelphia.

    I’m very excited to have a copy of your book-

    I look forward to seeing you back here in Philadelphia for the NACE Conference

    Wishing you the best of Hearts, Health and Happiness


  13. Mrs. Kim reply

    YAY – I just heard yesterday that you are coming to the Phoenix area :) Can’t wait to meet you! I just saw your cute line of products at Thee Wedding Warehouse!! DARLING!!

  14. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Maria,
    We plan events everywhere just give the office a call…thanks for blogging. Mindy

  15. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Mrs. Kim!
    I’m so excited that you like my new wedding collection! It took awhile and it is surreal for me to see it in stores and on the shelves! thanks…mindy

  16. Mindy Weiss reply

    Mark, Thanks for stopping into David’s Bridal the other night. I so appreciate you taking the time and great business card! Hope you enjoy the book…Mindy

  17. Mindy Weiss reply

    Jennifer hopefully i will be near you…I’m doing the south in October-9 cities…hope to see you there. Mindy

  18. Mindy Weiss reply

    mix mingle glow….i hope you love the book…let me know or leave a review on amazon that would help :) thanks! mindy

  19. Mindy Weiss reply

    Come say hi to me in Dallas!!!!!! Thanks for blogging.

  20. Mindy Weiss reply

    I will ask the publisher if the book will be printed in spanish. I think it will be printed in several languages
    thanks! Mindy

  21. Mindy Weiss reply

    Good luck on your new business! Be patient it will be worth it….Think i’m in florida in october…Thanks, Mindy

  22. Mindy Weiss reply

    Melissa and Angela and Nicole and Lisa
    I really think you will love the book…it is great for wedding planners as it is a set by set learning tool too. Or a great gift to give to the bride so that she won’t worry so much when she thinks she’s missing something…Thanks, Mindy

  23. Mindy Weiss reply

    Holli and Robert,
    I so enjoyed seeing you guys and doing a podcast with you…thanks for coming to see me… and everyone out there tune into it is great for all us wedding obsessed listeners! Mindy

  24. Mindy Weiss reply

    Yessi, Good luck on your career it seems that you love what you do and are going in the right direction…best of luck! Mindy

  25. Lara reply

    Congratulations, Mindy! We are all so thrilled to showcase your book in our current issue and at our premiere event–brides keep emailing us asking where they can buy it! We adore the book and all of your work. Best of luck on your book tour. I know it will be a smash hit!

    Lara Casey
    Publisher, Southern Wedding Style Magazine

  26. Tracey Kumer-Moore-Las Vegas Wedding Concierge reply


    Loved the podcast with our mutual friend Robert Allen!

    Hearing many of your comments on the show validated much of the advice I give to my brides and grooms as well. I was just nodding my head and saying “yes” throughout the show.

    I just purchased two copies of your book. I hope you wil be able to autograph them? I am planning to give one of the books away to a lucky bride to be on my wedding blog:)

    I look forward to meeting you again in Philadelphia.

    Wishing you much success on your tour and if you plan to be in Las Vegas, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE & WHEN:)!

  27. Carolyn Wells reply

    We look forward to seeing you this week in Phoenix! Best to you on your tour!

  28. Wendy reply

    Hi Mindy,

    It was a pleasure meeting you tonight! Thank you for sharing yourself and your wonderful stories about your life as a party planner. You are truly an inspiration! I’ll email you soon about the baby shower ideas we spoke about. Enjoy your tour…Happy trails!

  29. Amber McClelland reply

    It was so nice to meet you in San Diego. I am truly enjoying your book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  30. Judith Brodnicki reply

    Mindy, we’d love to have you in Omaha! I work at Village Stationery where we carry your products — in fact, we’re the only place in this area carrying your great wedding items. How do we entice you to our area for a book signing and promotion? Judiht

  31. Nicole reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I have been a fan of your events for years and was absolutely thrilled that you wrote a book. I was already half way through my wedding planning when I got it but it has been an invaluable resource. I vowed to give it as an engagement present to all my friends! The first girl who I gave it to has not been able to put it down. Thank you so much!!!


  32. Tracey-Las Vegas Wedding Concierge reply

    Hi Mindy,

    I figured this post topic was a good one to post a comment to and hope you will see it.

    I was lucky enough to be right up front (volunteering to wear a bridal tiara to show people the way has it’s advantages to guarantee a reserved table!)

    2 Things-First-I loved your top 10 list you presented today and was wondering if you would consider sharing that (by email is fine) as I would love to post some of these on my blog to your credit of course.

    2nd-I LOVE THE BOOK! I actually purchased two copies from your site which you signed. One for me and one that I plan to give away to a bride on my blog as well. Have to think of a fun question to answer to enter.

    Thanks again for a great presentation. It’s always so nice to hear and see you in person.

  33. Ruth reply

    Dear Mindy,I am taking the Bridal and Event Planner course from home with US Career Institute and i so grateful to Career Schools online.I have my High School 50% done will i need it when i begin to look for employment?My hopes and dreamms is to work in New York City.Your advice would be greatly appreciated.I enjoy reading your blogs and newsletters.Thank you

    Sincerely,Ruth Quinones

  34. The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day Reviews | reply

    […] How to Survive the Stress and Still Enjoy the MomentYOU ARE INVITED – Wedding Tips & IdeasBook Tour Here I Come! Just another WordPress siteHomeWedding Image GalleryWedding Video CollectionPrivacy […]

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aisle style
Hi All...I'm a week late in sharing this beautiful aisle treatment with you. Remember the cute black and white welcome bag...this is the same wedding with the black and white theme. I love how Mark from Mark's Garden added this damask trim to the white aisle runner. Details are what you and your guests will whether it is a trim of fabric or pet...
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  1. Angela Johnston reply


    I love your work and am exicted that you’ve set up a blog to share more with us. Thank you for always being an inspirations to wedding planners and brides everywhere!

  2. Gabrielle reply

    Beautiful as always Mindy!

  3. Razzie reply

    Hello Mindy! I love this aisle treatment. I want to have a black and white wedding as well, and I am wondering how much black and white is too much. I noticed you have some greenery down the aisle-way, as well. Do you think an entirely white and black wedding would be a bit overwhelming? We were also thinking of maybe putting black attire requested on the invites, so that the only one in white would be me, the bride. Do you think that’s too much?

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Grest Out of Town Guest Bag
Love the “Out Of Town Bag” we are using this weekend! For some that don’t know what this means…The out of town bag (doesn’t have to be a bag) is the container you can use for goodies that you welcome your guests with who have traveled to join the bride and groom. I’m always trying to find unique ways to hold the treats. This cool bag not only ma...
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  1. Mindy Weiss reply

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I’m excited about finding new sources to share with you so keep it coming…i haven’t figured out how to re-format my pctures but give me time …..

  2. Jennifer S. reply

    Hi Mindy! Every piece of design you’ve created is gorgeous. You are filled with talent and imagination. I have such a passion for interior design and event planning, do you have any advice for my career path? It would be great to branch off and work in a firm as entertaining as your own! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Jennifer thanks for your comment…i always tell those interested in the planning business to first try to get a job in catering at a 4 to 5 star hotel. Even if it is just answering phones in the catering office. You will learn so much by talking to various vendors like lighting,floral,fabric and specialty companies. At
    a great hotel you will not only see how weddings are planned but corporate, birthdays and all types of other events which are very important to the learning process. Start a great source book of vendors you meet along the way. When you feel you are ready to go on your own, I promise your experience from a job like this will make it easy to get hired on several events.

  4. Cicely Rocha-Miller at Life Design Event Planning reply

    Great information above for future planners. Working at a high end resort is a great way to know the industry and see if it’s a match.

  5. Tina reply

    Hi Mindy,

    So I am 6 weeks away from my wedding. It is being held a private backyard of an amazing home in Colorado! The ceremony will be in front of a beautiful lake gifted with extraordinary trees. The reception will be on another part of the land in an elegantly created tent. So the question here is, for the entrance to the wedding that is the first impression for guests and leads them to the yard; I was leaning toward an arbor framed in flowers. It is a garden wedding…but my decor vendor feels this is not elegant enough to resonate with my overall tone. She is suggesting a portal with a square header across the top and flowing fabric down the sides. This is sort of reminding me of a stage. What are your thoughts on the two choices?
    Thank you,

  6. Kimberly R. reply

    You have the cutest ideas! I like this bag idea. I’m planning an intimate baby shower for my sister this summer. I would like to have it outside with a lot of soft colors and possibly linens. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Tina!
    Your wedding sounds like it is going to be amazing! The location sounds magical and one that i’m sure a lot of brides would love to have available to them. Now here is what I think for the entrance to the garden…
    I kinda agree with you about the fabric in a garden setting maybe feeling a bit wrong for the first thing the guests will see. Although I do love the element of mixing fabrics into a garden setting, I think what the guests first see shouldn’t come as much as a surprise as the rest of the day. I feel strongly that the experience has to grow from the entrance, to the ceremony, to cocktails and then the reception and even an after party if you are planning one. So with that being said, the floral entrance sounds beautiful. Maybe try hanging some rose heads from clear monofilament at different levels from the floral entrance so the guests get a whimsical feeling as they arrive. I once was able to bring in 2 large trees that we made into an arch so it felt like it was growing on the property. Our florist randomly placed florals throughout the trees, it was a great look for an outdoor entrance. Believe me, with the way you described the lake and trees all you are going to need is you and your future husband :)! The best of luck and thanks for writing! Mindy

  8. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Kimberly. LOVE baby showers!
    A couple fun ideas…Since the shower is outdoors it is nice to provide shade for you guests so order an umbrella to go with each guest seating table. An umbrella is perfect for hanging fun items over the tables. Take a clothes line (can also be rope) and hang across the inside of the umbrella from side to side. Buy cute inexpensive pastel colored Baby “Onesies” bibs, socks, rattles,t-shirts etc. (from places like target or babies r us) and hang from wooden clothespins attached to the rope.
    Make each table one color. If you have 3 tables maybe use one table lavender, one baby blue, one yellow.
    match the flowers to the tablecloth. Example: Lavender cloth, lavender flowers etc. Fold the napkins (white) to look like a diaper and pin with a real diaper pin.
    You can print little menus of the food you are serving and tuck inside the diaper napkin.
    Fun to buy yellow rubber duckies and float in each persons water glass.
    An old but great standby is filling 4 ounce bottles with pastel jelly beans for each of your guests as a favor…or recently we gave each guest a bottle of “Milk” Bath….(get it, baby=milk) as a party favor… big hit! Hope this helped a bit…thanks for visiting my site. Mindy

  9. Mindy Weiss reply

    Excuse my spelling errors…I write at the end of my long days and I get too pooped to spell check…Good Night :)

  10. Mindy Weiss reply

    We will be selling these bags on the E-Store next week stay tuned…Mindy

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