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Is That a Rose?

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Hi everyone! Have you ever wonder how they grow this enormous flower? They don't! It is handmade! The florist starts with one single rose which is glued on a circular piece of styrofoam and then takes individual petals and hot glues them one by one to form one large flower. It is called a Glamelia (I think that is how to spell it :) ) and it is one of my ...
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  1. Sarah Smith reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you do! I am truly inspired by all of your work. I am an 18 year old college freshmen who lives in Florida. I plan on majoring in Event Planning. Your career is everything i want and more! I would love to know more about you. How you started, where you attended college, and how you got your companies name out. Anything would be nice to hear. Thank you for your time, I know your extreamly busy.

    Sarah Smith

  2. Tatiana Lukin reply

    Hi Mindy! Your work is AMAZING! I have always had a thing for event planning. I am a freshman in college, so i was just wondering what major i would take to learn more about event planning or do you have any suggestions on what schools are good for that?
    Thank your for your time!!

    Tatiana Lukin

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