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DEIDRE YOUNG!!! It was so hard to just pick one name form the bowl but this event is very small and I wish I had more room :( there are 5 more seats left if you can make it...and come hungry, we will be eating all day.... Hey Deidre, Call Sandie in the office 310-205-6000...can't wait to meet you all! XOX Mindy...
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  1. Open Ended Blog reply

    I hope you have lots fun. Take pictures, lots of pictures. :^)

  2. Merissa McMillan reply

    Congratulations!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time :)

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Finds From The Flea Market
Hi well I just went to "LOOK:" today at the Santa Monica Flea Market. I love getting lost in all the history and delicious treasures one can observe from afar...I think I got too close today and could not resist some items that I HAD to HAVE. Those of you who have the "BUG" understand my needs...I first started with the glass jars with the numbers. I thought...
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  1. Amy reply

    What amazing finds! The painting is PERFECT!!!!!!! I’m thinking the lady is at a little city cafe and about to eat the most divine desserts ever….xoxo

  2. Jen K. reply

    Just in case you’re curious — your gorgeous inlaid wood box was made in Sorrento, Italy… that’s the Sorrento coastline with Mt. Vesuvius in the background. That wonderful little town is known for it’s inlaid woodwork. We were there this spring with Bob and Dawn (right before your big event in Venice)… here are a few photos of the town as well as a craftsman making pieces like your little box. :) Enjoy your treasures!!—last-day-on-the-sea/

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OK Friends here is an item that I just love and bought for my e-store at These cute bags are for your Curling irons when traveling or getting dressed in bathrooms like us wedding planners :)! You know how you have to give your hair one more "go over" before you have to leave but you want to take your curling iron with you or you are traveling...
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One Special Give-away!

/ Mindy's Memos
OK Friends ...It is finally time to have a contest for "1" magic ticket to The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever! Just send your name and we will have a drawing for one lucky person to join us for a day of wedding bliss! We will announce the winner on September 30th. Good Luck! xox Mindy...
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  1. Lydia reply

    Thank you for this giveaway! Hope I will be able to attend!

  2. annette cocert reply

    Excited, hope and pray you pick me. Your THE planner!

  3. Renae Francis reply

    As an individual who admires the art of event planning and is gearing up to start my own company..I would love this opportunity. Mindy is my biggest inspiration and I would appreciate this time to learn the ins and outs. Event planning is very dear and special to me. It is my passion and joy, I welcome this special experience.

  4. Annie @ Marry You Me reply

    Annie Packman :) Thank you for doing this contest!

  5. Tracey Wright reply

    Looking the blogs I think this will be a very informative and fun event.


    How Exiting!!!!

  7. Clara reply

    Mindy, I’ve been your fan since I was a 16 year old girl staring at the TV screen enamored by the magic you conducted at Trista and Ryan’s glamorously pink wedding day!

  8. Carolyn L. reply

    Thanks for the contest! -Carolyn L.

  9. Pearl Chen reply

    I hope I’m the Most Ridiculous Winner ever!

  10. Zainab Muzaffar reply

    Hi! I am so excited about the event. I am coming from nyc and already bought my plane ticket :)

  11. Amanda Martin reply

    I just got engaged last week and this would be the perfect way to dive into my wedding planning frenzy!

  12. Kristen Lapeyri reply

    So excited for this giveaway!

  13. Martina Papinchak reply

    Just engaged and now I know there’s no better way to get through a heat wave than thinking about planning my own wedding…and this giveaway! True bliss!!

  14. sonia reply

    Pick Me! This would mean so much! My friend and I are young faces to the event planning industry. Trying to launch a business out of our passion comes with challenges. So much so, we could only afford to purchase one ticket for your event. The second ticket would mean we could both go. Thank you for this opporunity!

  15. Thelma Gipson reply

    I am in Austin Tx, and starting my own business in event planning with a partner we both want to go to the event, but not sure we can both make it, it would be wonderful if we win a ticket.

  16. Katy Carrier reply

    Katy Carrier! So excited about your event! :)

  17. Open Ended Blog reply

    Oh, this is very exciting! I hope its me. I’ve seen so much promotion for this event that I daydream just seeing myself there with so many great people. My fingers are crossed!!!

  18. Linda L reply

    I am a huge admirer of your work and there was no doubt in my mind that I had to go. Now all that’s left to do is figure out how to get my 7 week old to take a bottle!

  19. Jennifer Matheny reply

    PICK ME! On my goodness! I have been trying to get started in the wedding planning industry. I think going to this event will really help me network and get my foot in the door. Going to this would be the beginning of a dream for me! I am so excited! Congrats to whoever wins!

  20. cindy reply

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway! I have been really contemplating on attending and hope to win… if so it’d be the perfect end to my birthday weekend in LA! Hope to experience the most ridiculous event ever!!!

  21. Sylvia S reply

    It’s perfect – The Most Ridiculous Giveaway for the Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever! I would love to be selected – I am beginning the planning stages for our wedding and I would love to attend this amazing event. I definitely am lost with all of the options out there. Getting great advice from leaders in the industry would help me get more comfortable with the planning process and help me find how to make Jason and my vision a reality.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  22. Sarah Walpert reply

    I would be honored to be considered for a ticket to this event. I am a recent college graduate who is absolutely inspired by you and your company. What a wonderful opportunity it would be to learn from a true master!

  23. Lisa Barr reply

    Mindy, it’s been a long time since we met but you continue to inspire me. It would be an honor to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Thanks for being so giving and willing to share.

  24. Ana Vick reply

    If I won I’d be more than thrilled to be at the event but due to the current economy I cannot afford to purchase a ticket. I’d love to be there to be furthered inspired by your work and that of the other speakers. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you at your book signing at the Wedding Salon and I look forward to hopefully seeing you again!

  25. Meghan Schinderle reply

    I would LOVE to have this opportunity to attend…thanks for the chance! FINGERS CROSSED! :-)

  26. Vina Esperanza reply

    Vina Esperanza *crossing my fingers*

  27. Dannielle-Aspiring Event Planner reply

    I would love love love to come to your event!!!!!!! I am addicted to your blog, you are so awesome and talented! I have been dreaming about this event every since I found out about it, just to think of so many things I could possibly learn form you and your special guest speakers…I am working really hard to sell as many handmade little things possible to save up for just one ticket….I neeed to be there!!! :0 Just one question…where do I send my name for the drawing?!

  28. Elisheva Basseri reply

    I’d be honored to win a seat at the party! After years of building the foundation, I took my wedding planning business full time earlier this year and couldn’t be happier to be in this amazing industry…Best of luck to all my new & aspiring entreprenuer sisters out there – if you offer a quality service and put in the time, you will be a success!

  29. Kim :) reply

    You are such a HUGE inspiration to me. I would be so honored to attend! :)

  30. Deidre Y reply

    me! me! me! (raising hand enthusiastically at my desk) -Deidre Y.

  31. Deena Sweeney reply

    Thank you for this contest Mindy. I would be absolutely OVERJOYED to attend!!!!!! xoxo <3 :)

  32. Liz Sosey reply

    This event looks like my coolest dream come true… fingers crossed you pick me :)

  33. Kendall Mercer reply

    Crossing my fingers!!! :)


  34. Lisa Teuber reply

    Thank you so much for this oppurtunity. I truly love your work! Having worked in non-profit events sector for years, your inspiring events have helped me have the courage to transition into social and corporate events!

  35. Mich reply

    crossing my fingers!

  36. Dannielle-The Aspiring Event Planner reply

    Dannielle Keller-Balcazar. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  37. Janine DiSiena reply

    Thank you for this opportunity! I love your work and it would be a dream come true to attend the The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever!

  38. Candace Lefevre reply

    Fingers crossed! I would absolutely love to attend, a dream come true! I’m planning my wedding in Maui for next year and need all the tips I can get! Aloha!

  39. Merissa McMillan reply

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. Sarah Tivel reply

    Yeah! What an incredible opportunity. Wishing on the stars!

  41. Gather reply

    Oooh!! I am already coming, but would LOVE to be able to bring my buisness partner along! How exciting!

  42. lisa reply

    I first saw your announcement for your ‘upcoming event’ as you were taking your vacation with your girlfriends. Here I was keeping my eyes posted to the blog everyday and when you listed the bootcamp, I commented and am determined to go.
    I have been planning weddings for four years now and have been contemplating to finally have the courage to leave my full time job and chase after this crazy dream or to be content with letting it fill my creative side, part time.
    So if I get the ticket? I am making a mad dash for the dream.
    If not, well…I am going to be the optimist and wait and see. :)

  43. Jessica Kaufman reply

    I hope I’m not too late to be put in the drawing! This sounds like an amazing day, a dream for sure!

  44. Dannielle-The Aspiring Event Planner reply

    Ahhhh…I am so nervous to see who will be the lucky winner today!!!!!

  45. Samantha reply

    What an amazing event + venue! What a treat to attend.

  46. Robin Baab reply

    Thank you for this contest, Mindy. I would absolutely LOVE to attend!

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Oh Baby What A Shower
Hi Friends...I know I talk about Weddings day in and day out but I got to tell you the truth I LOVE BABY SHOWERS!  The day before the shower at about 3:00pm the grandma thought it would be cute to take the future mom and dad's baby picture and but ithem on onesies...hmmm kinkos doesn't do that anymore so I went to staples (well my neice went to Staples) and...
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  1. dwolter reply

    PLEASE PLEASE create a baby planner. Your wedding planner was such a help in organizing my wedding and keeping us on track. Many thanks!

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