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Hello Friends! Don't let your summer bridal showers, engagement parties, bridal luncheons happen without these darling plastic cups! They are reusable for all your "LOVE" ly entertaining! Inviting Company has yet again made darling products for our wedding obsessed friends! The best part these cups are for the Mindy Weiss Collection and can be found on www.m...
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  1. sydnee reply

    Love these cups! We used these at my shower and at my best friend bachelorette party. They were a big hit!!!

  2. Beth reply

    I saw these at a friend’s wedding and they really looked great! Very cute idea!

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Hi Friends! I’ve partnered with Starbucks to get the word out about Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee, a convenient and easy way to make iced coffee at home or on the go. I have stuffed my purses with packets because I have been traveling like crazy! Lightly sweetened with cane sugar, Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Iced Coffee dissolves quickly in cold water and do...
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  1. Cheryl reply

    Iced coffee . . . poolside!

  2. Erica E reply

    My favorite place to drink a cold, crushed iced drink is outside on my porch. So relaxing. My favorite Starbucks is a iced coffee with soy and 2 pumps of caramel.

  3. Mandie Segura reply

    Lately, my fave place has been home! I just got a keurig & bought some special iced-coffee for it. I’d love to have the VIA to take to work with me, though! Great giveaway!

  4. mcihelle reply

    I love drinking a cup with my girl friends. We are always so busy but we always meet up at a coffee house to catch up. I look forward to our coffee dates

  5. Leona Morelock reply

    Sitting on my little piece of heaven, my patio with my husband while reading a good book.

  6. Ellen Prague reply

    My BFF and I swim a mile every morning at 6 a.m. in her infinity pool by the lake…. as a reward for getting up in the middle of the night and making it the mile, we reward ourselves with iced coffee.

  7. Abby LaDuke reply

    My favorite place to grab an iced coffee is shopping…so fun:)

  8. Pearl reply

    Such a good way to cool off at the desk on a sunny morning when you need to make that long walk from the parking structure to the office!

  9. Tali reply

    On the couch in the morning watching morning news shows :) That horchata sounds so good!

  10. Alma reply

    My porch with the kitties! Beautiful Summer in Los Angeles.

  11. Robin reply

    A favorite place to drink it would be in the hot car on a sunny Saturday morning while running errands.

  12. Jaime reply

    My favorite place to drink Starbucks Via Iced Coffee is in my baby blue convertable Bug driving to my internship. It gets me pumped to put on an incredible Wedding!

  13. Sonya reply

    I love sipping on iced coffee while people-watching on a sunny day in Central Park!

  14. Jaime reply

    Mine would be walking to the local cafe near my apt and getting banana hazelnut iced coffee, then walking back and enjoying it on my deck with a magazine! :)

  15. Rachel C. reply

    On my walk to work. DC has been going through a heat wave and it’s a great way to cool down without adding too many calories

  16. Sally Pissetzky reply

    Ice coffee is a MUST while riding the new cruiser bicycles my fiancée and I bought- cup holders and everything! Set us back a few dinners, but a ride through the park on a hot summer day- with some iced coffee- perfection!

  17. Mark reply

    My friends and I cycle on weekends and keep one water bottle and one “Via ice coffee” bottle for those early morning rides up the coast. It’s the best!

  18. Dan Hertz reply

    Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires: one of the city’s quintessential old-world cafes. Ask for a ‘cafe frio’ — they offer several flavours/varieties. Of course, nothing beats an iced coffee/regular SBUX dark roast when you’re waiting for a flight at the airport. Mr. Slater…why did you grab a beer and not a freshly brewed VIA iced coffee?

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Hi Friends, I simply love this wedding! The Resort at Pelican Hill is truly a beautiful location. The ocean, amazing chefs, luxurious rooms, the best Bridal Suite I've seen, EVERYONE who works there is superb, but the one thing that Pelican Hills has that no one else has is GEORGE NICKELS! We just love him! As the head of Weddings he truly made our job so un...
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  1. Nneka Saran reply

    AWESOME!! My mouth is still wide open! Its beautiful!!!

  2. Cheryl Jablow reply

    Absolutely stunning wedding!

  3. Gloria Mesa reply


  4. Amy Zaroff reply

    Stunning. Every photo is more exquisite than the next. Loved the invites, the color, the lush floral and the beautiful linens. The sky was even incredible as the back drop for the unbelievable ceremony decor. Great work by everyone involved.

  5. Nadine L. Poliard reply

    WOW! There really isn’t any other word, probably THE most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen! Congratulations to the Bride & Groom and great job Mindy!

  6. Name reply

    Absolutely GORGEOUS…!! I especially love the bride’s shoes!!

  7. Jane Cato reply

    Delightful. Loved seeing these images.

  8. jules reply

    You always show absolutely stunning events on here, but I must tell you that this wedding was one of the most beautiful you have ever shown. Those chair covers, the lamps, that aisle….truly a one of a kind and spectacular event!!!
    Congrats to the new couple and to you!!Thank you for sharing:)

  9. michele reply

    OMG – this was a beautiful wedding min. stunning. as usual! xoxo

  10. WeddingXpert reply

    I am so obsessed with all the luxury and glamour, especially the outside furniture. The sparkly chandeliers and all white sofas are so divine!

  11. Cassy reply

    Can you plese tell me where you can get the lamp shades and the bases or vases? I have looked online and thinking about making them but not sure how that would look….I would love to know where to get those pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Paul Pierce Wedding – Celebrity Bride Guide reply

    […] sunset ceremony was coordinated by celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss and took place under a gazebo covered in white orchids, roses and […]

  13. Erika reply

    AH I’m in love

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Hi Friends! Just arrived and posted in my e-store...these fabulous what i call trinket-candy dish plates...I love the messages...perfect for a wedding engagement gift, housewarming, bridesmaid, just because.... a gift for someone who has of my favorite clients gave me one as a thank you and I use it on my make-up table filled with lip glosse...
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Hi Friends! If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with Anthropologie! Not only their clothes but I can walk in weekly and get inspiration from their displays, gift items and store windows. I make it a point to visit any and all of their stores wherever I am...each store has a different design team so you never see the same exact design in their stores! I...
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  1. Amanda Young reply

    Love the post! :)

    Apparently Anthropologie inspires a lot of people….

  2. Charles David reply

    I remember when Anthropologie first opened their store on west broadway in Soho,many years ago! I was just hired by Ralph Lauren to open their first Soho concept store! At that time the area had a unique and creative feel! Cipriani Downtown was the place to go for lunch, Oh the bellinis days are so missed. Anyway, you just knew Anthropologie was going to be big, they just had their own unique style with simple ideas and people flocked! Nice reference!

  3. Abby LaDuke reply

    Totally obsessed with Anthro! I go in there at least once a week to be inspired too:)

  4. Jen Turner reply

    I share your love for Anthropologie! The dishtowels are lovely. I might have to pick some up at my local store for a certain bride-to-be that I know!

  5. Alexa reply

    Do you know where they get these stanchions?

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