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Hi Friends, Thanksgiving was, friends, great food and a day off! My friends at The Kitchen helped me out and the food was delicious. I found fun Turkeys for each guests from Crate and Barrel. I had about 31 guests so this was the first time I took the furniture out of the den and was able to seat everyone in one room. We all went around t...
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  1. Phyllis {My Wedding Concierge} reply

    What a gorgeous Thanksgiving feast you had! Everything looked so perfect and magazine ready!

  2. Beth Oslander reply

    Very charming Mindy! Happy Thanksgiving week after! Enjoy the leftovers. I love how you said “about” 31 guests… can’t get anymore precise than that! :)

  3. Michelle Orrego reply

    Wow!!!! I’m totally inspired! I can’t wait to see what you do for the Holidays to come! I’m in town if you need another guest!

    xoxoox, Michelle

  4. Booters reply

    Thanks for posting your beautiful pictures of Thanksgiving. It is like I was there!

  5. Trendspotter reply

    We can’t view these pictures anymore Mindy. : (
    I wanted to show my florist so she could do something similar for my thanksgiving table.

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Hi friends! We planned a cute Bar Mitzvah last weekend. It took place on the CBS Radford Lot where they film shows like CSI...we incorporated Graffiti which the Birthday Boy loved! Mark from Marks Garden did an outstanding  job on incorporating the art of Graffiti into the vessels for the florals.  I just love the votive candles. Brandon Peterson from Pet...
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  1. mindy rossignol reply

    Mindy, this party is amazing! I love how well you incorporated the graffiti! Fabulous job as usual!!!

  2. N Johnston Photography reply

    The graffiti is excellent – what a great idea. I especially like the subtle graffiti writing around the flower arrangements.

  3. Eliana B. reply

    Simply love this theme!

  4. Erin*Sparkle&Hay reply

    Gorgeous spread! (and I love those bookshelves in your den!)

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Hi Friends! How lucky can a girl be! Junebug Weddings covered The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2. Amazing  pictures and a big thank you! There will be many more pictures and when they are ready we will share with you  ... Enjoy! xox Mindy...
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  1. Melissa Abeyta reply

    Amazing!! I admire the work you do.

  2. Katie Zuniga reply

    Thank you Mindy,

    Your attention to detail and hard work was evident throughout the entire event. It is a joy to be able to say I was able to experience this first hand!!

  3. Nikisha Allen reply

    The decorations for the wedding is beautiful and trendy.

  4. Jaime Goldstein reply


    Thanks for the most incredible, inspiring, RIDICULOUS day…EVER! You are such an amazing woman and a role model to event planners everywhere.

    Counting down the days til January!


  5. Caroline Gordon-Elliott reply

    Any event with Froot Loops is a great event in my book… not to mention the bagels and the balloons!

  6. Jen O’Sullivan reply

    I love all the photos and SERIOUS attention to detail with everyone’s personalization. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see more photos.

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Engaging event for Tali and Jordan

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  Hi Friends! What a great weekend in New York! The Wedding Experience has begun. Before the beautiful brunch on Sunday Jordan's dad and I took our new family and the Los Angeles gang out to an amazing dinner in Dyker Heights, (Brooklyn) Just when you think you have experienced some great service in our industry you meet someone who proves that there is mo...
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  1. reply

    I loved that the flowers and cake that were provided weren’t just an afterthought – they’re so beautiful! That kind of attention is always a joy.

  2. Gail Johnson reply

    Thank you Mindy – you really know how to throw a party! I had a ball – woohoo!

  3. sydnee reply

    love the blog post and the pics! wish i could’ve been there!

  4. Jen O’Sullivan reply

    I love all the photos and SERIOUS attention to detail with everyone’s personalization. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see more photos.

  5. Mindy Rossignol reply

    Hi Mindy!!! I remember you talking last year at the MRWEE about how you were awaiting this engagement! I am so happy for you, Tali and Jordan! I hope you let everyone else do the work on the big day so you can enjoy yourself!!!

  6. Pamela Bouganim aka Pam Sacks reply

    Mazel Tov Mazel Tov, so nice to hear the great news. Mindy and Robert and all of the family, only happiness and lots of Nachas from your son and his wife to be. Wow, the party and the two of you look great. We are planning a party in our Malibu home this summer 2013,definitely will email you !

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Jay Goldman / JLG Photography - Professional and personable, with an amazing eye for capturing special moments, and a way about him that puts people at ease, it’s no wonder that Jay is a sought-after wedding photographer. In fact, on My Fox LA’s Hot List, he was voted one of the Top 5 Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles! Walt Shepar...
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  1. Bob Davis reply

    Way to go Jay. Mindy’s Ridiculous Event sounds amazing. What an honor. Cheers, Bob

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