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Hi Friends! Just cleaning up my laptop and found these event pics...thought i'd share from Cabo to Palos Verdes to Bakersfield to Malibu...they make me happy...xox Mindyxx...
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  1. Neus reply

    Superb, spectacular, I love everything that falls into your hands ..!

  2. Tania reply

    Do you know the label of the gown in the 7th picture – the bride by the window? Love it!

  3. Tina Marie McClary reply

    The tequila bar is amazing so rustic! Love beach elegance

  4. Dj Gaston Montaño reply

    Great pics, Cabo is my hometown and I love it!!.
    reach me next time you come here for dj tips, will be my pleasure!!

  5. Brittany reply

    Your pics are amazing, love the dress, do you know the designer ?

  6. Alexandra reply

    I love that wedding dress with the Dots – do you happen to know who the designer is? Thanks!

  7. Justtina reply

    I NEED to know where to find this dress! Please tell us!!!!

  8. kris reply

    Hi can you let me know where the wedding dress with dots is from or what designer makes it. love it and my sister wants it for her wedding

  9. Hermien reply

    Please share with me all the info about that dress!!! I’m in love

  10. SabinHilde reply

    Need to know who makes this dress!!!!

  11. alyssa reply

    Would love to know who the designer is of that polka dot wedding dress!

  12. Linda Mundell reply

    where can I locate the dotted wedding dress? My daughter wants to find it for her wedding fall 2015. Thank you., Linda

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Hi Friends...this wedding had so many lovely ingredients. First and foremost we became very close with our bride Diana so it made planning her wedding such a delight! Enjoy the pictures and special thanks to our vendors...Mindycxx ...
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  1. Christina Whitehurst reply

    So unbelievably pretty and romantic. This color scheme is gorgeous!

  2. Cindy Tanenbaum reply

    So gorgeous and elegant. It took my breath away.

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