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Hi Friends! A friend of one of our brides just showed us the most incredible, convenient product for all your married, engaged, or jewelry loving girls....BLING WIPES! Finally, an easy way to clean your bling on the go! They are individually packaged for convenient cleaning anytime, anywhere. Their unique solution removes oil, make-up, lotion and other resid...
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  1. Brooke Sinclair reply

    These are so awesome! Effective and fun, and I love the cute sassy packaging. Such a perfect gift. Thanks Ellie & Mindy! ~Brooke

  2. Lindsey Almquist reply

    I have been using these since the product launched and I LOVE them! Never leave home without em!

  3. Jennifer Morgan reply

    LOVE Bling Wipes for myself and as gifts!!!

  4. Claire Squier reply

    I have had the priveldge of using this product since it launched! I give it to all my girlfriends and family and everyone raves about them and wants to know where to buy more! Awesome on the go product!

  5. Mary Eversole reply

    I have given them to friends and family and EVERYONE asks where to buy more?! Now we know and thank you Mindy. Ellie ,you are a genius. What else do you have in the pipeline? I can’t wait.Thank you for inventing the perfect present for everyone!

  6. Catherine Hall reply

    This is such a great idea-love the packaging!

  7. Jarvis Lawhorn reply

    Wow Mindy, what a great product and the packaging is amazing. I definitely want to purchase some as a gift for some special ladies.

  8. Margit Holakoui reply

    I LOVE this product! I’m going to keep a box on my consultation table at the shop so my brides can admire their ring even more…..after the wipe! Ellie….GREAT IDEA! xoxox

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Hi Friends! What an amazing year for oscar fashion! It's hard to pick just a few to call the best! But I do have to say that Kerry Washington stood out to me as my favorite. Orange is my color right now and I thought it showed so much personality and was such a statement! My two favorite trends from this year were the stunning beaded dresses that many starle...
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  1. Jarvis Lawhorn reply

    Hello Mrs. Weiss

    Last night was definitely an evening of amazing fashion. Love your picks and I can see some of these looks translate into bridal style gowns for 2013. Everyone looked amazing last night.

    P.S. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the Pre-Oscar event you planned at Hotel Bel-Air.

  2. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Jarvis!

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Hi Friends! In anticipation of Hollywood's biggest night this Sunday, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite Oscar looks from years past! I added a little wedding inspiration with each dress. I wonder what amazing and memorable looks we will see this year!! Enjoy! xox, Mindy.   Julia Roberts in Valentino, 2004      Halle Be...
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  1. Jarvis Lawhorn reply

    Mrs. Mindy, you have done it again with your picks for Oscar gowns with wedding inspirations. Can’t wait to see the gowns on this year’s red carpet. Happy Oscar Day!!!!!! xo

    P.S. Still waiting for post on Elizabeth Marisco and Cory Ross wedding. LOL!!!! I hope their wedding will be feature in one of the wedding publications.

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Hi Friends! At Last you can see all the pictures from Ashley and JP's Wedding that you were not able to see on the Nationally Televised show..all the fun details that Ashley and JP were able to choose during their planning process.We were so lucky to be a party of their big day!  I hope you enjoy and gather some inspiration from all the great talent of our ...
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  1. Dawn Davis reply

    What a wedding this was! You and your team just rocked it out and we were so happy to be part of it. It’s always a pleasure working with you! Love you girlie!!! xoxox! ~ Dawn

  2. Jarvis Lawhorn reply

    Mindy, there are no words to say but “Amazingly Stunning”. You and your entire team are just beyond amazing, everything you do is outstanding.

    P.S. I am still waiting to see the pictures from Elizabeth Marsico and Cory Ross’ wedding. LOL!!!!

  3. Satra reply

    This is so beautiful. I loved their wedding and love all of these gorgeous details!

  4. Crystal Schmidt reply

    Oh this wedding is just gorgeous! Doesn’t surprise me though, between Mindy and Bob and Dawn…. how could it not be?!!!
    The photographs are just outstanding, and they could not have had a more amazing photographer there!!

    Just simply amazing photographs of an amazing wedding with amazing details!!!

  5. Tiffany Stelzig reply

    What a gorgeous wedding this was, these photos are absolutely breath taking. Bob and Dawn Davis captured every detail, emotion & beauty this fairy tale wedding offered.

  6. Melissa Lile reply

    The photos are absolutely lovely! Bob and Dawn are amazing storytellers and really captured the essence of Ashley and JP’s love. What wonderful memories for them to look back on!!

    Mindy’s work was beautiful as well. Such a talented bunch of people!!

  7. Connie Bolle reply

    AMAZING… the photos are crystal clear and just simply drop dead gorgeous! Chicago’s very own Bob and Dawn Davis create magical memories– Ashley and JP look so happy and the pictures totally capture the LOVE.

  8. Ute reply

    WOW how amazing! I wish I would have been one of these lucky guests. :) What a beautiful couple and what amazing photographs! Superb!!!

  9. Aida Krgin reply

    WOW! Stunning images of a gorgeous couple. Expect nothing less from Bob and Dawn Davis. Simply genius.

  10. Rebecca reply

    Bob and Dawn Davis’ photographs absolutely captured the beauty and elegance of this loving event . Wow~Wow~Wow~ , brilliant details covered all around! Makes me want to get married all over again! A wonderful combination of perfection here!

  11. Beth Daane reply

    What a beautiful couple and absolutely stunning portraits! I am in awe of every one of them! They are just perfect.

  12. Becky Hickey reply

    What a wedding! The details of this wedding are absolutely perfect. Captured beautifully by Bob and Dawn Davis. Every detail is perfectly documtened for the couple to enjoy for a lifetime! Wonderful job Mindy, Bob and Dawn!!

  13. Gorete Ferreira reply

    What a gorgeous wedding and the photos are simply stunning! Love love!!

  14. Andie Duven reply

    What a beautiful wedding!!! The photos are absolutely stunning! As usual, Bob and Dawn Davis bring a wonderful love story to our screens in the most elegant and heartwarming way! Congrats to the couple! May years of happiness bless them forever.

  15. Wade Bell reply

    Absolutely Beautiful Wedding! Bob & Dawn Davis Photography captured the whole storybook wedding. Surely the best photographers used to capture a lifetime of memories. I applaud you!

  16. Whitney Bower reply

    Amazingly gorgeous images of an amazing wedding! Captured perfectly! Kudos to Bob, Dawn and Mindy for a top notch job

  17. Evelyn reply

    Picture perfect!

  18. Pam Bell reply

    I love, love, love these–but, of course I do. What a gorgeous bride and handsome groom! And, I love the way the images portray the real ‘them’ and their relationship. It is so easy and exciting to see their feelings for each other come through in these images even though I do not know them personally. They are captured so beautifully, here. I have seen Bob and Dawn’s work on a number of occasions and their attention to detail and the ability to document a wedding or event with each image telling a story is amazing. The results, of all the work that went into the planning of this day, are just gorgeous. Hats off to all who made this event happen and to Bob and Dawn for capturing it for the bride and groom and for us to enjoy.

  19. Derrick reply

    Amazing pictures. The use of light in these photos is awesome! So clean, and well lit. Keeping the bar high.

  20. Ashley Montoro reply

    Gorgeous couple, gorgeous details, gorgeous photos- but of course they would be when they’re done by Bob and Dawn!! What an amazing event to be a part of.

  21. shoshannah may reply

    Love these. Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures.

  22. Jimmy Moncrief reply

    Bob and Dawn

    INCREDIBLE pictures. The lighting is amazing.

    I loved the last set!!!!

    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to photographers worldwide!

  23. Heidi ram reply

    I can’t stop staring at these photos!!!!!! Amazing wedding and beautiful photos. I think the night photos are my favourites!!!

  24. Heidi ram reply

    No wonder I love the photos! Duh! Bob and Dawn Davis ROCK!!!!!!!

  25. Trace & Dee reply

    The wedding was breathtaking. Even reached us over here in Japan. Bob and Dawn Davis are complete masters at what they do and these photos are timeless, classic and stunning all in one. Team that with Mindy’s planning and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. And congratulations to Mindy, Bob, Dawn and the team. You are inspirations to the industry. ~ Trace & Dee (Tokyo)

  26. Caroline Shaw reply

    What a beautiful wedding, so many great details and all superbly captured by Bob & Dawn Davis. A wonderful team to work with who gets not only the grand moments but the little ones…..Ashley and JP will love looking back through these over the coming years .

  27. Marian Bader reply

    Wow! These pictures are incredibly beautiful! Bob and Dawn did an amazing job at capturing their story. So romantic :-). I love the details too. It makes me feel like celebrating my wedding for the second time and calling you both! ;-)

  28. Jen reply

    What an amazing wedding. All the details are fantastic and I love the colors! Bob and Dawn captured it all just perfectly. Amazing job!

  29. Robin Arnold reply

    Fabulous details. Fabulous photography. Imagery that represents life in its truest form.

  30. Joanna Sobran reply

    Wow – These are the most spectacular photos I have ever seen! The moment of this beautiful couple was captured like a fairy tale. Every women deserves this kind of moment!

  31. Alenka reply

    … Again I can not get over how beautiful this images are! Bob & Dawn make a team out of this world – not just with end results, but with their presence! Truly an inspirational power couple that is so humble, yet one of the best in the industry!

    As I go through Ashley & JP wedding photos I remember my own wedding day with Bob and Dawn by our side… though we had a more modest wedding, photos are just as breathtaking. Much love!

  32. Kenny Nakai reply

    Wow…what a team! These photos are beautiful! They truly capture all the special details & moments throughout the day! So much love an attention in every way! Great job as always Mindy – Great job Bob & Dawn- Love you guys!

  33. Lammie Nguyen reply

    So many great details… the cake with the bride holding a rose, gorgeous moments of Ashley…and somehow the photos make me feel the atmosphere that day. Wish to have a wedding like that!!!
    Great work.

  34. David Bell reply

    What a wonderful wedding ! You and your team excelled their expectations I’m sure. You sure picked the right team in your selection of Bob and Dawn. Can’t wait to see the next wedding you team up with them.

  35. Diann Bell reply

    Exquisite photos of Ashley and P.J.’s wedding/ Hpw beautiful the photography is,

  36. Zach Brake reply

    Look at all the heart in this wedding. The love, the smiles, the happiness, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing team!

  37. Dawn & Bob Davis reply

    Thank you to all who have left such beautiful comments here on Mindy’s blog. Bob and I are so very blessed to have these opportunities to work with Mindy Weiss and her team. They truly are the artists who made this wedding a fairytale for Ashley and J.P. We were so honored to be part of it. Many blessing to you all. Much love!!! ~ Dawn & Bob

  38. Marc reply

    These images are amazing and tell a beautiful story!!!

  39. Josie reply

    Every single detail was stunning, really stunning, except the cakes…especially the one shown up-close.
    I know this comment probably won’t get through, but, it looks like it’s supposed to be the (I Am Baker) famous buttercream roses on that bottom tier…
    If you google it, you’ll see that it’s been done by MANY, even non-decorators, since it’s one of the easiest techniques to master.

    This is the messiest example I’ve ever seen.
    Very poorly executed.

  40. Gus reply

    Beautiful Wedding! Amazing Images! Stunning!!

  41. Catherine Hall reply

    Absolutely breathtaking, the details are incredible-beautifully done!

  42. Justine Kruger reply

    WOW, the photo’s are amazing, they look really happy!!! Ashley you look beautiful!!!!

  43. Cynthia Elliott reply

    The pictures are amazing. I don’t think that Ashley & JP could of taken a bad picture. Mindy, you and your team did an awesome job and Bob and Dawn the photogrphy was great. What a tag team. The pictures gave those of us that love the fairytale romance of Ashley & Jp a glimpse into the wedding that we did not see on television. Thank you so much. The pictures showed more than the weddin special!

  44. Buy Bridesmaid Gowns reply

    The quality of work in this dress is outstanding. I can not wait to wear for my wedding in July in Las Vegas!!!!

  45. Cheap Wedding Dresses reply

    please send me pics because this dress is in my list of choices…id especially want to see someone wearing it who has a small bust. thank

  46. E.wald reply

    A dream. What a incredible wedding production

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