I Danced with Ellen!

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Ellen DeGeneres Show
So today changed my life! I was a guest on The Ellen Show! I was honored to be Ellen and Portia's Wedding Planner for their Wedding on August 16th. They were so generous to invite me on the show as a guest. Todays show featured some of their wedding pictures and a very touching video...and as part of the wedding segment she invited me to talk about the weddi...
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  1. Mindy Weiss reply

    sorry the pic is so big….im trying to make it smaller

  2. katirna reply

    Great to see you on ellen show
    Portia and Ellen looked happy

  3. katirna reply

    Thanks you are great ……Ellen and Portia are happy i’m a big fan of ellen and portia live Ellen talk show

  4. Cicely Rocha.Miller, Life Design Event Planning reply

    That’s amazing Mindy. How fun and what a memorable moment that must have been for you!

  5. Mindi Schley reply

    I saw you on the show yesterday! And it’s ironic that I too am on my way to becoming a wedding planner, and we share a first name… ;)

    Mindy, you are an inspiration to me! I only dream to be as creative and successful as you are now!


  6. michele reply


    You are my hero! I’ve been following your career for years…and I cannot believe you were on ELLEN (or planned their wedding!) What a dream come true! And, what an amazing event planner you are – your work is always gorgeous, romantic with special, personalized touches. I am studying to be a celebrity wedding planner, and I hope to emulate you some day in some way!


    Michele (from Minneapolis)

    PS – You’re a great dancer!

  7. Mark Kingsdorf – The Queen of Hearts reply

    How Cool- congrats!

  8. Kelly Oshiro reply

    Mindy, how exciting!!!

  9. Angela reply

    i can’t believe i missed it…i watch ellen all the time. do you know if it will air again? anyway, congratulation’s and hopefully we will get to work with you in the future! angela

  10. jose villa reply


    I saw you on there.. Loved it!!

    Your work is amazing!!

    Hope to work with you some day ;)

    jose villa

  11. katrina reply

    What new ?

    Ellen the best Portia the best

    you the best

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Is That a Rose?

/ Inspiration
Hi everyone! Have you ever wonder how they grow this enormous flower? They don't! It is handmade! The florist starts with one single rose which is glued on a circular piece of styrofoam and then takes individual petals and hot glues them one by one to form one large flower. It is called a Glamelia (I think that is how to spell it :) ) and it is one of my ...
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  1. Sarah Smith reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you do! I am truly inspired by all of your work. I am an 18 year old college freshmen who lives in Florida. I plan on majoring in Event Planning. Your career is everything i want and more! I would love to know more about you. How you started, where you attended college, and how you got your companies name out. Anything would be nice to hear. Thank you for your time, I know your extreamly busy.

    Sarah Smith

  2. Tatiana Lukin reply

    Hi Mindy! Your work is AMAZING! I have always had a thing for event planning. I am a freshman in college, so i was just wondering what major i would take to learn more about event planning or do you have any suggestions on what schools are good for that?
    Thank your for your time!!

    Tatiana Lukin

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So have you visited my E-Store? The Two's Company Products are doing Amazing! I'm so excited ..the items that are doing the best are 'The Ultimate Wedding Organizer"...I GOT AN EMAIL FROM A BRIDE THAT SAID SHE MISSES CARRYING IT AROUND TOWN WHILE SHE PLANNED HER WEDDING FOR A YEAR. Now she uses it for a a book of all her wedding planning memories...The Mr. a...
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  1. Natalie reply

    Can’t wait to see the new products! I have your planner and it is so resourceful. I’ve had other planners in the past but none of them held up.

  2. cari reply

    i just ordered the majority of your line for my shop in santa barbara. super excited to get it all! we have done amazingly well with the candle and door plaque, so i was so happy to see all of other great products. . . thanks!

  3. Starr Bailey reply

    Great Site. If I ever get married again (assuming I am divoreced, soon), I will look you up. Great posts. I will keep in touch. Check Out my blog if you have a moment. I am new to the blogging thing, but you gotta start somewhere. Believe it or not, I get my strength from you.



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If you haven't heard yet usually your high heel beautiful wedding shoes will last about 3 hours max...at a wedding I coordinated a few weeks ago, the bride brought these shoes to change into...they had enough height so her dress didn't drag and they were fun enough for the photographer to snap photos of... Steve Madden "Fix"...
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  1. saundra, event engineer reply

    How fun is this! All my brides put on the flip flops and then their dress draaaaaags and the bustle breaks! What a great idea!

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Sister Act

/ Mindy's Memos
So I know I'm always writing about things I love about weddings but I wanted to introduce you to my most favorite girls (well besides my dogs) my sisters! My older sister Jaye the one on the right owns Intuition, a great store in West Los Angeles! Check out her website Shopintuition.com. My little sis is a stylist in Los Angeles. She has amazing style and c...
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  1. Lara @ Southern Weddings reply

    Wow, you have such a talented and beautiful family!

  2. Judy reply

    I too am part of a 3 sister act! I am the middle sister and I am a floral designer in New England. I have 2 sisters one in advertising and the other promotes artists in New York City. We also love to work together and I get my best work from brainstorming with them!

  3. Mindy Weiss reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more Judy! I love to catch up with my sisters at the end of the day and run some ideas by them …sometimes they are painfully honest but I bite my tongue and listen!

    Lara thanks for your nice compliments!

  4. Ralph Mucci reply

    What very pretty bunch of ladies. You can see your all blessed with good genes. Stay well.

  5. Booters reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I’m just catching up on some of your blog postings – your family seems so great. I can’t believe your sister owns Intuition – it’s my favorite store. I buy stuff from shopintuition.com all the time!
    I can’t wait to check out the rest of your product line!
    – Booters

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