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So I know I'm always writing about things I love about weddings but I wanted to introduce you to my most favorite girls (well besides my dogs) my sisters! My older sister Jaye the one on the right owns Intuition, a great store in West Los Angeles! Check out her website My little sis is a stylist in Los Angeles. She has amazing style and c...
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  1. Lara @ Southern Weddings reply

    Wow, you have such a talented and beautiful family!

  2. Judy reply

    I too am part of a 3 sister act! I am the middle sister and I am a floral designer in New England. I have 2 sisters one in advertising and the other promotes artists in New York City. We also love to work together and I get my best work from brainstorming with them!

  3. Mindy Weiss reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more Judy! I love to catch up with my sisters at the end of the day and run some ideas by them …sometimes they are painfully honest but I bite my tongue and listen!

    Lara thanks for your nice compliments!

  4. Ralph Mucci reply

    What very pretty bunch of ladies. You can see your all blessed with good genes. Stay well.

  5. Booters reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I’m just catching up on some of your blog postings – your family seems so great. I can’t believe your sister owns Intuition – it’s my favorite store. I buy stuff from all the time!
    I can’t wait to check out the rest of your product line!
    – Booters

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I just loved this bouquet. The bride gave the florist a picture of something she loved...(always great to tear out pictures you get inspiration from) The feathers are my favorite. It really is unique and yet not too overwhelming...the bride should be the focus and the bouquet like a piece of jewelry....
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  1. MixMingleGlow reply

    LOVE feathers in bouquets! They always look so lovely and I am so glad when Brides want to incorporate them.
    Pretty photo…thanks for sharing with us! :)

  2. Mindy Weiss reply

    I actually got 2 more brides to use feathers in their bouquets.
    Pictures will follow as soon as the wedding gets here :)

  3. Pam reply

    I love the idea of incorporating feathers in bouquets! I also love the different flowers featured in the bouquet pictured. Do you happen to know if those are real or silk flowers?

  4. Mindy Weiss reply

    hi thanks for writing Pam! These were real flowers used in the bouquet pictured.

  5. Bella Signature Design reply

    Hi Mindy, just foudn your blog – fantastic! I love feathers, especially when subtle! For a recent wedding, I had a bride who loved feathers, but her whole wedding was based on the Pacific Coastal feel of the island she lives on (and where the wedding was), near Seattle. We ended up using Pampas plumes (which grow everywhere here) to create a feathery feel – it turned out fabulous with the gray and creamy colors she wanted – yet was truly coastal! Check out our post and pictures at:

  6. Tanya reply

    What type of roses are those? Those is the most beautiful roses I have ever seen! I’m thinking they are in my, “Have to have” list!

  7. Tanya reply

    Oops, sorry for the “Those is” phrase. I promise, my grammer is much better than that. lol

  8. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi! Thanks for commenting…those are sahara roses one of my favorite types of roses…look up an amnesia roses…..we use those roses at Ellen and Portia’s wedding and they were amazing!

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This bride wanted to add her theme color (black) to her placesetting. I found some black velvet ribbon at a flee market (I try to go every sunday) and just tied a knot around the napkin. The couple loved lily of the valley so we placed a sprig under the ribbon. We also included a menu with a design that we pulled off the invite and tucked it under the napkin...
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  1. Sissy reply

    Cute and could be very budget friendly. I also just bought your book and am reading it cover to cover! Looking forward to many more posts… Sissy

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rose heads
Thought this centerpiece was a great idea to help stay on a limited budget....all we did was cut the head of the rose off the stem and lined them up in a retangular glass container....(Pottery Barn had alot of them on sale) very little water needed...add some votives maybe 3 at each corner and you have a very chic design..will look great on cocktail tables....
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  1. Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs reply

    this is a great idea – simple and elegant, even to DIY!

  2. Madelyn @ SWS reply

    I think this centerpiece is fantastic. It is so simple, yet very elegant. Absolutely perfect for a budget conscious bride!

  3. wedding bouquet reply

    wedding bouquet…

    This gets an enthusiastic YES! Interesting subjects; could use more diverse content; I’m bookmarking for future visits, and recommend the same to others!…

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tree entrance
Hi All! Happy 4th of July! I took this picture of a wedding we just did where we had to actually put the tree branches inside the reception tent. There was no way to trim them back as the celebration was at a hotel. So we incorporated them inside the entrance tent...they looked awesome and it made an amazing entrance for the guests to enjoy....some obtacles...
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