Hi Friends, This cake was designed by Sam Godfrey of Perfect Endings, ...I Love him and we are very dear friends. even though he is located in Napa, California when I can, I get him to deliver his cakes to my events in Los Angeles. He even flew the wedding cake over to Paris for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's Wedding...DE-LICIOUS! This ca...
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  1. Sarah reply

    Cakedivas also have a TV show and they really are very creative!

  2. Booters reply

    do cake divas ship their cakes like perfect endings does? i checked out their website and it looks like they have some amazing stuff and would love to use them some day.

  3. Mindy Weiss reply

    Hi Sarah can you let us know when the Cake Diva show is on! Thanks Mindy

  4. Mindy Weiss reply

    Booters, Yes I believe the Cake Divas can ship their fantastic cakes…Thanks For blogging! Mindy

  5. Michelle S reply

    I agree that the cake Diva’s creations are both FAB and De-lish.


  6. Michelle S reply

    Thank you for being a great mentor.


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Hi Friends, So I had one of my brides tell me that I left something out of my book...ahhhhhhh five years of writing and I left out a situation that could be sticky. Oh boy this is a tough one...but as politely as you can explain to your friend (s) that  you want to include them in another way. They can do a reading, help with programs, you can even invite ...
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  1. PrincessEmma reply

    That’s ok, we can forgive you for forgetting one thing!
    The good advice makes up for it :-)

  2. Kandice reply

    Honestly, you can’t be expected to address it all! :) There is so much drama and so many fires to put out with weddings anyway, you should just add a “if it’s not listed here” section… simply say ” Calm down. It will be okay, as long as you’re married and happy by the end of the day. And if it’s not perfect, it’s not the end of the world. It is what it is…” How’s that for advice? Clearly, I’m not the expert. :) I’m just saying there should be a “catch all” section…
    Love your products and your advice!

  3. Sarah reply

    I agree — such a great piece of advice – if you don’t know what to say, always just tell the truth and at least you can rely on the fact that you were honest!

  4. Lauren reply

    I had this problem! I only had room for 5 bridesmaids (because my fiance has 5 groomsmen and we wanted the same amount of people) and had to tell 3 close friends that they weren’t bridesmaids. To make matters worse, 2 of those 3 friends are also getting married and included me as a bridesmaid! They were very understanding, and I am including them in pretty much all the bridesmaid functions. They are even getting ready with us on the wedding day. It’s an awkward situation, but is ok if handled appropriately!


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Nighty Night

/ Mindy's Memos
Hi Friends, So I was just thinking about what would be fun to write...I always see the bride and groom as they leave their wedding. They are usually exhausted, sometimes they had too much to drink or so happy to throw off their shoes and collapse. But wouldn't it be just icing on the cake if you, the bride actually puts on the gorgeous lingerie you bought ...
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  1. Cicely Rocha.Miller, Life Design Event Planning reply

    Hi Mindy,

    So true, isn’t it. I hear stories all the time how they were just “to tired”.

  2. Celeste reply

    I agree! I cannot believe that isnt standard.

  3. Nicole reply

    Hello Mindy — Your very right and I think an effort should be made!! My wedding night was just as fabu as the day itself! After an all day event — we left our “after party” guests down in the hotel lounge to enjoy even more drinks, while we enjoyed eachother. After — we continued the party with the rest of them– and by late late night– enjoyed our heads hitting the pillows! xxoo

  4. Tim Halberg reply

    totally agree, what a nice way to end your wedding by getting home and enjoying each other.

    being a wedding photographer and having seen how tired people are at the end of the night, we planned our wedding for early in the day so that we could have plenty of time to just relax and enjoy ourselves when we got home.

  5. Melissa Bryan reply

    I so agree that the wedding night is as special as the wedding day as it is the time that the bride and groom FINALLY have a chance to revel in their new union together. I suggest enlisting some friends, and going out of your way to make it special. As my husband and I were planning our wedding in our home town, we made it a point to get ourselves a very special room for our wedding night. If we just went back to our own home, that feeling of comfortableness sets in and I’m sure we would not have had as special of a night. We got a room at a local bed and breakfast that had a jacuzzi bath, and I enlisted the help of my bridesmaids. After we departed the reception, they had just enough time to gather a lot of decorations from our reception (i.e. some centerpieces and candles) and decorated the room for us. I was exausted, and so was my new husband as he had been fighting tonsilitis, but when we saw how beautiful our room was, we knew we had to stay up just that little bit longer and enjoy it. And we will always treasure it, esp. since they used decorations from the reception as I did not previously get to enjoy them as much. The whole day turned out perfect.

  6. Mindy Weiss reply

    So glad you all agree with me on this one…I love hearing about your wedding experiences! Mindy

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Hi Friends, My Book tour finishes with the two locations below come say hi!!!!!! Sunday, September 21 - Beverly Hills, CA Geary's Wedding Event 12pm - 4pm For tickets, please call 310-273-4741 Monday, September 22 - Beverly Hills, CA The Wedding Salon, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
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  1. sandra p reply

    i will be there, i hope to meet you!

  2. Ciara reply

    Hi Mindy, I literally got the news about your September 22nd book signing as I was in the car going to LAX coming home to Canada from a couple of days in Santa Monica. I use the same driver, Alan, that you do! Small world. Hope to catch up with you next time I’m in town.

  3. Arden Ward reply

    Hi Mindy I am so excited your book tour has gone so well. It was a pleasure to meet you. I posted new blog post about your stop in Birmingham at I hope you will check it out.

    Thanks for you kind autograph in my book.

  4. Rebecca Salimpour reply

    Hi Mindy,
    I was so happy to meet & chat with you at Wedding Salon in Beverly Hills Hotel. You were the highlight of show for me … and I was a floral design vendor there “Natural Charms”. You did mention that you liked my Eggplant & Lavender Love Bird Floral Theme. I get inspired by nature, flowers, music, surroundings and people … so being there at the Wedding Salon was amazing for me! I emailed you & sent some photos of us … I’ll be giving my website a facelift very soon w/ fresher photos & some of Wedding Salon (hope to add the one of us!) Please do visit my website when you get a chance


  5. Rebecca Salimpour reply

    Hi Mindy … just wanted to say that chatting with you at Wedding Salon was the highlight of being a vendor (Natural Charms) at show. You’re such a warm person and appreciated that you commented on my Lavender Bird Floral Design Theme … it meant a lot. I get inspired by nature, flowers, music, surroundings and people … so it was nice being around such talent in such a room. I hope if you ever need a floral designer from Orange County, you’ll remember me! I emailed you a few photos of us … thanks for taking a photo w/ me. Cheers!

  6. Mindy Weiss reply

    Arden I love the pictures you took! Thank you so much! Would love to order some…great meeting you!

  7. Ana Vick reply

    Hi Mindy!
    I just wanted to thank you again for signing my book at the Wedding Salon in Beverly Hills. I was there working as a volunteer for the event and was thrilled to get a minute to meet you. As an event planner myself, you are one of my idols and you definitely lived up to my expectations. I tell everyone how thoughtful you were to ask how to spell my name, since many people might not have and could have spelled my name wrong with two N’s in my new book. It’s attention to detail like that which makes a great planner! I am always looking for opportunities to help out on events so please feel free to use me, even if only as an intern at first, if you have any events coming up that you could use extra help on. I live and breath event planning, so I would be honored to work for you and help put together one of your fabulous events. Hope you have a wonderful week and fun Halloween!
    Ana Vick

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Back on the Book Tour

/ Mindy's Memos
Hello friends! I'm back on the road with "The Wedding Book" the Big Book for your Big Day! First stop I went to Atlanta and had a great time at a darling store called Swoozies. They not only carry my Mindy Weiss products but the store is filled with the cutest holiday items and very unique monogramed gifts for any occasion. I love anything monogramed! Next...
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