10 Cute and Creative Flower Girl Ideas

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If there’s one member of the bridal party who can upstage the happy couple just a little – and get away with it! – it’s the flower girl. Guests can’t help but be won over by their cute smiles, contagious excitement, and adorable dresses. (Can those come in my size, please?) Traditionally, a flower girl’s job is to walk ahead of the bride, scattering petals along the aisle. But if you’d like to update the tradition, or do something a little more personal or fitting for the theme of your wedding, there are lots of alternatives. And they don’t even have to include flowers!

Here are ten creative flower girl ideas you’re sure to love.

Balloons. I’m a sucker for balloons. They add a touch of fun to any occasion! Having your flower girl carry a single balloon or a bunch also makes a great visual. Just be sure to tie them lightly to her wrist to prevent fly-aways (and tears!).

Pups. These days, lots of couples are incorporating their four-legged friends into their ceremonies. If your pet does well with kids and your flower girl is also comfortable with it, have her walk your pup down the aisle. Talk about a double dose of cuteness!

Fairy wands. Whimsical wands are a magical alternative for little girls to carry, and will make them feel like fairy princesses! You can also customize them to fit your wedding colors and style. For example, use ribbons, sequins, flowers, stars, or streamers.

Bubbles. What little girl doesn’t love bubbles? While a bubble wand may be fine, a bubble gun may be a more reliable option.

Kisses. Instead of blowing bubbles, have your flower girls blow kisses to the guests. This works especially well if you have little girls in the party who can play to the crowd. They’ll eat it up!

Vow booklets. Many couples are customizing their vows and having them inscribed in beautiful vow booklets for the ceremony. Having your flower girl bring these down the aisle will surely make her feel extra important.

Leaves. If you’re planning a fall wedding, then why not just replace the basket of petals with a basket of leaves? Not only will it make for a lovely seasonal touch, but it’s eco-friendly too!

Beach basket. Having a beach wedding? Nothing could be sweeter than a flower girl heading up the aisle scattering tiny starfish or little shells instead of blooms.

Garland. If you have two flower girls of about the same height, have them team up to hold either end of a greenery or floral garland. This adds a really lovely touch to the start or end of the procession.

Lanterns. For an evening or winter ceremony, a mini lantern is a great idea. You can even deck it in flowers for extra prettiness. Be sure to use a flameless candle or LED light for safety.

Which of these creative flower girl ideas is your favorite?



Image by Jose Villa