10 Wedding Menu Tips

Wedding Menu TipsHello friends! Arguably one of the most important aspects of your wedding is the food, right? Which only makes sense since those eats are usually the number one expenditure for most couples. But don’t worry! After years of experience in food (both personally and professionally!) I have some key wedding menu tips to share with you.

  • Choose the main menu first, then choose the cocktail hour bites. Aim for foods that will complement the main meal, but try not to repeat main ingredients. So avoid steak sliders if filet mignon is the entrée.
  • You’ll need to find the fine line between serving crowd-pleasing food but avoiding a bland menu. Ethnic foods are a good way to add character, just don’t go overboard. In other words, keep grandma and grandpa in mind.
  • Be considerate of food allergies and dietary preference. You won’t be able to accommodate every guest, but it’s nice to note which foods have nuts, gluten and other common allergens and to at least try discussing options with your caterer. One note: I recommend at least providing a vegetarian alternative for guests.
  • Avoid overly spicy foods if possible. If it’s an Indian wedding, try to have at least a couple non-spicy options.
  • Fish shouldn’t be main course, unless you’re giving guests a choice of entrees. Lots of people have a fish aversion.
  • Consider the size of your guest list when selecting the menu. Foods that take time to prepare aren’t the best option for a 200 person wedding. Your caterer or catering manager can guide you here.
  • Don’t forget the kids! Your regular menu probably isn’t suited for most children, so ask your caterer about arranging kids’ meals for those under twelve. These are often discounted too!
  • The season matters. You don’t want to serve steaming hot butternut squash soup at an outdoor summer wedding, for example.
  • Offsite wedding locations will usually have more menu limitations. Caterers are often working with makeshift kitchens, after all!
  • French fries at every table? Always a good idea.

Happy eating!




Header image by Joy Marie Photography