2020 Wedding Predictions

Mindy's Memos


This week I chatted with my friends at Brides about what’s to come in weddings in 2020. Each year a new set of trends emerge, new color combinations become popular, and great new ideas are cultivated from so many creatives in our industry. So what are my 2020 wedding predictions? To start, I think couples are expressing themselves in the most unique and personal ways – more than ever! And that means trends might not actually be trends. Doing something original is certainly in vogue.


I do think non-traditional flowers are hot for 2020. Think dried flowers instead of fresh bouquets! These can come painted in colors that reflect your palette or in their natural state too.


I’m still loving all the greenery from this year and I think we’ll see more of it next year. I’m already using greens in design plans in more places – like draping, ceiling treatments, and furniture. The color green is being woven in as much as actual greenery.

Flower Walls

Flower walls are one design idea that I think are on their way out. We’re creating more Instagram moments and installations – places where guests can snap a beautiful photo or two, but flowers as the backdrop are becoming less common in weddings we’re planning for next year. It’s all about getting creative and finding new twists on old ideas!

To see a full list of predictions by Brides, take a look at the story here.



Image by Dennis Kwan