3 Mistakes Wedding Guests Make

Planning Advice

Hi friends! There’s so much focus on the rules and etiquette the bride and groom need to follow (it is your wedding after all). But guests aren’t exempt from needing to follow any rules! So if you’re attending a wedding, here are a few common mistakes that you should be sure you don’t make:

  • Overlooking the dress code. Lots of guests don’t pay attention to the suggested attire on the invitation and show up looking out of the place at the event. Be sure to play close attention to details like dress code on the invitation or wedding website. If you’re confused or unsure, feel free to check with a member of the wedding party.
  • Playing musical chairs. Sometimes guests decide they don’t like where they’re seated at the reception and take matters into their own hands by switching around the seating cards. My advice? Stay put! The couple has likely spent lots of time and energy into devising the perfect seating arrangement and things like dinner service are often dependent one where you’re seated.  You can feel free to move around and mingle after any formal proceedings and dinner.
  • Uninvited guests. I’ve seen guests bring dates to weddings when the couple didn’t allot them a plus-one. Whether by mistake or on purpose, This can really create problems with things like the seating arrangement, catering and more – forcing the couple to scramble to make last-minute accommodations. If you’re unsure of whether you get to bring a guest, pay close attention to your invitation. If the envelope is addressed to you and a guest, you’re in the clear to bring a date. If it’s addressed to you alone, you’ll need to fly solo. The same goes for children. Don’t assume children are invited unless explicitly stated on the invitation. If you weren’t allotted a guest, please don’t try to pressure the couple into letting you bring someone. It puts them in an extremely uncomfortable situation!

Simple enough right? Just use common sense, have fun and support the couple on their big day.




Header image by Ira Lippke Studios