3 Tips for Long Distance Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

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Hi friends! With so many different styles and body shapes among your friends, bridesmaid dress shopping can be tricky enough. But if you’re all in different places and can’t come together for a shopping trip (hey, you’re busy people!), it can be even more difficult to coordinate. Luckily, there’s lots of solutions to make long distance shopping a tad easier. Here are my top tips:

  • Use social media! A group Pinterest board can be a lifesaver as you all aggregate ideas and share styles you find appealing. If you have a large bridal party, a private Facebook group can also help with the ideation and allow for discussion about logistics, prices, etc.
  • Communicate as a group. Sharing ideas through social media is a good start, but won’t actually get the job done. Once you’re serious about purchasing dresses, set up a group call to discuss and narrow down your options. If you simply can’t get everyone on the phone, a group chat or text will do the trick in a pinch.
  • Online shopping galore! Online shopping will be the most helpful for you and your gals. If possible, purchase from online shops that either have a brick and mortar presence for easy returns, or an easy online return process. This will allow your gals to try out a few styles before committing. Once they receive a dress, have them try it on and send a quick photo to your group chat or email chain and you all can decide from there. Easy peasy!

The trick to long distance dress shopping is starting early. You’ll want to give yourselves plenty of time for coordination, shipping and, of course, alterations.

Good luck!




Header image by Amy and Stuart Photography