3 Tips for Throwing a Successful Baby Shower

Planning Advice, Oh BABY!

Baby showerHello friends! Planning baby showers can be so fun with all the different themes, colors and creative ideas out there but it can get a little stressful too, right? At the end of the day, a baby shower should be a festive affair that makes the mommy-to-be feel like a queen. Here are a couple tips to achieve just that:

  • Consider the mom-to-be’s personality. The lady of honor shouldn’t be planning the shower, but her personality should certainly be reflected. Consider her tastes when it comes to décor and food and her preferences when it comes to activities. Some ladies feel super uncomfortable opening gifts in front of guests, for example, so you may want to forego that tradition. It’s all about making the mom-to-be feel celebrated and at ease, after all.
  • Add in some personal touches. Incorporating some personal elements from the parents-to-be is always heartwarming. Think baby photos, childhood books or keepsakes from the parents-to-be’s childhood. Incorporate these into a slideshow for guests’ viewing pleasure (in the background of course) or into a photobook or scrapbook that guests can sign.
  • Incorporate activities. I know, baby shower games can sometimes feel silly but having some sort of activity at the event is the best way to get guests mingling – especially since not everyone will know one another. You can keep the games super simple or opt for an activity instead. Something like a flower arranging or cookie decorating station will get guests up and chatting.

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Header image by Jay Lawrence Goldman.