4 Fun Party Favor Ideas



Whatever type of event you throw, your guests make time to show up for you. A great way to thank them for being a part of your event is with a little (or big!) gift. If you need a bit of inspiration, consider one of these four fun party favor ideas!

Welcome baskets

Welcome baskets are such a fantastic way to set the tone for an event. Your guests will love this surprise and they will carry that excitement through to the celebration. The contents can vary widely depending on the event details such as the location, event type, specific guest, and so on. Be sure to add personal touches and your own style to make it truly special. Here are a few examples:

For a topical wedding, you may consider including sunscreen, hand fans, and sunglasses.

A winter wedding welcome basket can be filled with hand warmers, packs of hot cocoa, and fuzzy slippers.

Face masks, a bath bomb, and a customized robe are perfect for a corporate retreat welcome basket.

Swag bags

Swag bags can be such a fun party favor. A swag bag for a corporate event can include branded items such as clothing, promotional products, or better yet, subtle nods to the brand on items people use and love. This can help the guests get into the spirit of the event and build morale surrounding the company.

But using swag bags as party favors isn’t limited to corporate events. For birthdays and mitzvahs, using the person of honor as the face of the swag can be festive. After all, what 13-year-old doesn’t love to see people wearing their face on a t-shirt or pin?

Take-home treats

The party doesn’t have to stop when the doors close and guests leave! A take-home treat is a sweet gesture of appreciation that is sure to make people smile. A small, personalized bottle of bubbly or wine, a box of chocolates, mini cakes, or candy are yummy ways to treat your loved ones at the end of the night.


Memorabilia can help your party-goers relive the event over and over again. Custom wine glasses, pilsners,  reproductions of art from the event, are all fantastic ways for your guests bring the memories home. These can also be small personal gifts such as a decorative keepsake, bag of toiletries, or a jewelry tray.

Incorporating a photo booth, polaroid cameras, or disposables into your event is another way to send your guests home with a special memento.

All of these fun party favor ideas will show your guests and loved ones how grateful you are that they were a part of your festivities. How will you say thanks?



Image by John and Joseph Photography