5 Great Wedding Décor Props


Hi friends! My favorite weddings to design are often ones that are on blank lots where I have to bring everything in. It’s a real chance to exercise my creativity and really do something different and unique. If your wedding space is a bit of a blank canvas, there are some easy things you can do to jazz it up a bit. While pulling out all the stops might be a bit of a budget buster, a few strategically placed props can make a world of difference. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Chandeliers. These can be a tad pricey to rent and install (you’ll need a lighting professional to do this) but a beautiful statement chandelier will add an instant wow factor to your space. Crystal is a popular striking choice, but also consider wrought iron depending on your wedding theme.
  • Interesting Furniture. You can rent some really fun pieces to jazz up your venue. I love doing really cozy lounge seating or bringing in some upholstered sofas and chairs to give off a really intimate vibe.
  • Statues. I really love using statues for outdoor, garden-inspired weddings. You can use statues to flank an entrance or add unique details tot eh ceremony area.
  • Ice Carvings. Hear me out on this one! Ice sculptures don’t always have to be old fashioned. If budget allows, you can have an entire bar made of ice, which makes for a really fun feature and a great conversation starter (not to mention ice-cold drinks). You can even think about having ice carved into actual bowls serving pieces for your cocktail hour.
  • Columns. For a wide-open space, columns are a great way to help define different areas. You can use them to create an aisle, drape them with flowers to create an altar and more.

There are so many possibilities with a wide-open space! While it may feel a little daunting, it’s a create opportunity for a truly unique event.




Header image by Amy and Stuart Photography