5 Summer Wedding Trends That Are Perfect for the Season

Summer Wedding TrendsHi friends! Summer is officially here, which means weddings are in full force. Whether you’re attending a few weddings this summer, or planning your own for next summer I bet summer wedding trends are on the brain. Here are a few trends I expect you’ll see this season. And for all you summer 2018 brides, wedding trends tend to be a tad more long lived – so I bet these will still be in style next year!

  • Think “crispy.” My favorite word to describe summer weddings this year? Crispy! Think clean, crisp linens, beautiful fresh flowers and picturesque outdoor settings. Things won’t be totally over the top – just fresh, bright and natural.
  • There will be a punch of summer color. Wedding colors will still revolve around whites, creams and greens but we’ll be seeing a splash of summer color! Vibrant orange, rich yellow, dynamic purple and the like will be big in the warmer months.
  • Summer drinks galore! Drinks and cocktails will certainly take on a summer vibe. Try a variety of summer lemonades with vodka and garnished with fresh sprigs of mint or lavender. Fruity, summer beers will also be popular – Hefeweizens, lemon shandies, apricot ales and more. But don’t serve them in the bottle! Have them poured into a nice, chilled glass so it’s supremely refreshing.  Another word to the wise: be sure to have plenty of water stations in addition to these fun drinks to keep your guests hydrated.
  • Low but gorgeous florals. Centerpieces will be low to encourage mingling and conversation at the table, but will still be lush to make a décor statement. Imagine yummy summer blooms like dahlias and lavender. Don’t forget lots and lots of fresh greens!
  • Understated cakes. Wedding cakes in the summer will be much simpler with a few, elegant adornments like fresh flowers. Couples want to keep things organic, yet chic.

As you can see, summer weddings tend to take on characteristics of the season itself – outdoorsy, organic and fresh. Just don’t make these common mistakes!




Header image by Meg Smith