5 Twists on the Traditional Bouquet Toss


Hi friends! The bouquet toss is a completely optional part of your wedding. I’ve seen many couples embrace the fun tradition, while others haven’t been so sure. You can feel free to eliminate the custom entirely for your wedding, but there are some creative variations you can do on the bouquet toss to keep things interesting:

  • Present the bouquet to special friend or relative. You can do this privately or publicly but, either way, it can make for a really special moment.
  • Skip the garter toss and have single men join in on the bouquet toss fun! Think of the photos!
  • Order a breakaway bouquet. It dissolves into 8 smaller bouquets midair, which means eight lucky recipients. Plus it’s a fun surprise!
  • Honor the woman who’s been married the longest by presenting her with the bouquet.
  • Similarly, have the band do a “bouquet dance” where all married couples are asked onto the dance floor. As the dancing continues, the emcee asks couples who’ve been married 1 year or less to exit the dance floor, then 5 years or less, and continues on in increments until the couple married the longest is left standing. Then, honor them with the bouquet.

One tip: most brides like to hang on to their bouquet, so if you plan on doing some sort of bouquet toss, ask your florist for a tossing bouquet.




Header image by Meg Smith