How to Care for Your Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaids TipsHi friends! Your bridesmaids’ main duty may be to support you on your big day, but don’t forget to show them some love too! Ensure your bridesmaids have a great experience (and that your friendship stays intact!) with these quick tips:

  • Have some flexibility with the dresses. The mix and match bridesmaid dress trend is probably the best thing to have happened to bridesmaids. Your gals will surely be thankful if you give them a few guidelines and let them choose their own dresses. If you’re set on having a more uniform look, at least take various body types into consideration – and don’t pick anything too pricey.
  • Be mindful of budgets. On that note, the price of being in the wedding party is usually the biggest pain point for bridesmaids. Discuss budget expectations beforehand and find some creative ways to help them save money. Oh, and be ready to rethink that expensive getaway to Cabo for your bachelorette party if needed.
  • Stay organized. Bridesmaids expect that they’ll need to be involved in the wedding process in some way. But give them plenty of notice! If you need help assembling gift bags or meeting with vendors, let them know well in advance.
  • Show your appreciation. Start off with a fun dinner or get together to kick off the wedding process and be sure to show your gratitude along the way. Make sure to budget for a thoughtful gift at the end of it all.
  • Be reasonable. Remember that your bridesmaids have busy lives and a lot going on, so be practical in your expectations of them. Be upfront about what you’ll need help with and accept that some of your gals may not be able to make it to every dress fitting or food tasting. Finally, don’t be that bride that makes all her bridesmaids dye their hair the same color or make any other semi-permanent changes to their appearance just for the sake of your wedding. Friendships are more important than a consistent look!

Just remember that being a bridesmaid can be stressful, so treat your friends with the respect they deserve and they’ll be more than happy to stand by your side on your big day!




Header image by Simone Photography