Caring for Your Diamond Ring

Caring for your diamond ringHi friends! Whether you have a new sparkler on that left hand or simply have a diamond ring that needs some TLC, I bet you’re wondering exactly how to keep things looking like new. Having a clean and shiny wedding and engagement ring on your big day is especially important. Not only will everyone’s eyes be on the bling, but your photographer will take some lovely close-up shots.

You should always check with your jeweler for specific care instructions, but here are some of my top tips on caring for your diamond ring:

  • Store it carefully. While diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, they’re not completely immune to scratches. Diamonds can even scratch other diamonds and other metals if all your jewelry is jumbled together. To minimize this, don’t let your ring touch other jewelry when you store it. When you’re traveling, wrap it up in a cloth before placing it in an sort of pouch.
  • Take it off…sometimes! I know it’s hard to part with your ring even for a quick minute, but there are certain times I recommend taking it off. It’s a good idea to remove your ring before working out (you don’t want to chip the diamond against any free weights) and before doing certain household chores like dishes. You should also take your ring off before going into a pool or hot top. Chlorine can weaken or discolor the metal!
  • Do regular at-home cleanings. Again, check with your jeweler on any specific instructions or restrictions but regular at-home cleanings will help remove any build up that clouds up your stone. You can get a cleaner formulated specifically for jewelry, like my Mindy’s Diamond Shine to keep things spotless. You can use an unused soft-bristled toothbrush to get the grime off. Just remember to brush not only the top of the stone, but the underside (where most of that grime accumulates) too!
  • Get professional checkups. Think of it like a physical for your ring. Once a year, take your ring to a jeweler to inspect. He’ll make sure the stones are secure, the prongs are in place, and will give it a good, thorough cleaning. Most jewelers won’t charge for checkups, but be sure to read the fine print.
  • Get it insured. This is often overlooked, but insurance is important! Start evaluating insurance policies immediately after getting your ring. Look into what the policy covers (theft, loss, damage, etc.) and the cost of the deductible.

Oh, and this should go without saying, but never clean your ring above an open drain!