Countdown to Tali and Jordan’s Wedding


Hello Friends!

I’m so excited to begin my year long countdown to my son Jordan’s and his fiance Tali’s wedding! So many people have asked me about planning my child’s wedding so I thought I would share my experiences with all of you.

First of all the most important thing I would like you to know is that Tali has an amazing family.  Being a wedding planner for my own son and his bride might prove to be a bit more of a challenge for me – particularly because I really want Yola (Tali’s mom) to experience all of the joys that come with planning a daughter’s wedding. We will be a great team and hey, look how lucky I am to be included in the planning.

A little backgound story…Jordan and Tali met their second year at Brandeis University. They recently went back to visit their alma matter.

If you didn’t see my blog on their engagement check it out! I want you all to know and experience the entire process…

Jordan came to me and said mom 3 rules

1. No Hotel

2. Nothing near the water…. HUH? (whose child is this?)

3. And “Mom NO Blogging”

We’ll 2 out of 3 ain’t bad LOL

They found a wonderful location in Culver City. As some of you know I’m always saying you have to personalize your event! Jordan and Tali LOVE books! and wouldn’t you know they found a fabulous warehouse called The Bookbindery. Serendipity I say! I loved it so much I’m doing The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2 at that location!

November 5, 2011……11-5-11 I like it a great logo date hee hee

We are now in New York as Tali’s family lives here and they are hosting an Engagement Party for the happy couple in Brooklyn.

The family, sisters, nephew  and my best friend Janis and her husband Keith are here to meet the Kweller clan. Tali’s parents Yola and Bruce and her brother Leor came to the hotel tonight to visit.

The two proud mothers are beaming!

Here we go …”Aisle” keep you posted 🙂

xox Mindy