Custom Wedding Dance Floors

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When designing a reception space, you want to think about the details both large and small. If you have 200 guests, you’ll need 200 chairs and those will stand out simply by the volume of them in the room. Wedding dance floors are another standout – because of their size and location. Center stage you’ll set your dance floor in a size that is fitting of your guest count (and that may be very large). Consider taking this area of function and use it as an opportunity to showcase something extra special. A custom wedding dance floor can be a decor highlight for the night! And creating a custom look can be done in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas to design a dance floor that’s fitting of your fete.

Place a pattern on your dance floor.

Many rental companies are capable of creating custom wedding dance floors with color, pattern, shape and size. Take the motif or pattern you may have used on your wedding invitation and weave it into the event through a patterned place to dance!


Use your monogram to cover carpet or request lettering in the center of the dance floor.

The look is classic but custom, personal and stylish without overpowering the area if your event is already decor heavy.

Work with a pattern of lights instead.

If a custom wedding dance floor isn’t in the budget, consider some speciality lighting instead. A gobo pattern projected on the dance floor can create a magical look without as much expense. This also gives you the flexibility to change up the pattern, color or style, depending on the time of night or moment in the reception. Progressive parties are lots of fun and lighting gives you the flexibility to create just that!


Will you dress up your wedding dance floor? Either way, don’t forget to ask your venue and rental company how much space you’ll need to save for that floor and even consider a few statement pieces around it to mark the spot with additional decor. Then dance the night away and fill up that dance floor with friends and family!