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How to deal with a GroomzillaHello friends! Ah, the “groomzillas.” Yes, they do exist! Just like the bridezilla, the groomzilla takes wedding planning a bit too far and can cause conflict in what should otherwise be a positive process. I recently chatted with about how to actually deal with a groomzilla. My top tips are below, but be sure to check out the full piece for even more advice.

  • Be Reasonable. I know it’s often out-of-the-norm (it shouldn’t be!) for a groom to be so closely involved in wedding planning, but do be open to his suggestions! Remember, while he shouldn’t completely take over the planning, the day is about the two of you as a couple so his opinion counts just as much as yours.
  • Compromise. Of course, being reasonable is a two-way street so you should both be willing to compromise on various elements of your big day. Sit down together and prioritize which details are most important to each of you. From there, you can discuss who gets final say on a few key decisions. If he’s particular about the bar or the music playlist, let him have at it! But that means you should be able to choose the color scheme or tablescapes if that’s what’s important to you. The rest of the details? Compromise is key.
  • Communicate from the Start. In wedding planning (as in relationships!) communication is of utmost importance. I’ve seen so many emotions boil up simply because they weren’t discussed from the get-go. Each of you should communicate what your vision is for your wedding from the very beginning. If you disagree on something, don’t let it fester and address it immediately.
  • Take a Day (or 2…or 3) Off. Yes, sometimes you need a break from the stress of wedding planning! If you find your emotions at an all time high, take a couple days off. Go on a quick getaway, schedule a fun date night, or even stay home and binge on Netflix and takeout. Just make sure wedding talk is off limits so you can have some fun, stress-free time together.
  • Focus on the End Goal. Remember, the end goal of all of this is celebrating your love…and a happy marriage! Try not to dwell on the minor details and instead remind yourself (and him!) of the reason you’re doing this whole thing.

Happy planning!




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