Shop Engagement Gifts on Small Business Saturday



It’s peak engagement season! Did you know that 35% of couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? If you know someone getting engaged this season, get them an engagement gift to start their planning process right! Did you know I’ve got lots of goodies for engaged guys and gals in my online shop?! Shop engagement gifts with me on Small Business Saturday this weekend and all season long. Here are a few ideas to help organize the couple immediately!

The Wedding Book

I wrote The Wedding Book as an all-in-one informative and lively guide. The book is a go-to throughout the entire planning process because it is a step-by-step guide for an ideal wedding. During stressful times, the couple will love it!

The Wedding Organizer

Our new Wedding Organizer is a three-ring binder with tabs for every wedding detail. It’s hard to keep track of it all during the planning process. Help the couple catalogue their budget, menu, flowers, rentals, and music for easy organization!

The Ultimate Wedding Organizer

Use this product to remove as much stress as possible for the couple. My Ultimate Wedding Organizer is designed to help the soon-to-be-weds stay on top of every aspect of their wedding. The sturdy tabs give them easy access to each section. It’s perfect to take on-the-go because of its tote-like design and handles.

Wedding Planning Survival Kit

The wedding planning process can be a lot to handle for a newly engaged couple. My Wedding Planning Survival Kit includes a countdown calendar, a ring dish, a decision dice, and more to support the couple along the way.

Mindy’s Diamond Shine

After their engagement, the couple will probably want to show off a diamond ring any chance they get. My Diamond Shine can be a simple engagement gift or given in addition to a larger gift. It makes a great stocking stuffer too! It is sure to keep their ring shiny and sparkling at all times throughout the season.

You can show a couple how happy you are for their engagement with a thoughtful engagement gift. This surprise can double as a support for them to lean on throughout their wedding planning process. For more products and engagement gifts, visit my shop page here!



Image by Dennis Kwan.