Essential Day-Of Items for the Groom and Groomsmen

On the day of the wedding, there are some essential day-of items for the groom and groomsmen to have on hand to ensure they look their best and are prepared for the festivities. Here’s a list of some essential items they might need:

Wedding Attire

This includes the groom’s suit or tuxedo, shirt, tie or bowtie, dress shoes, socks, cufflinks, and any other accessories. If you have early access to the Groom’s Room, it might be a good idea to hang all of these clothing items up the day before. One less thing to remember!

Additionally, if you’re planning on leaving directly from the wedding to the honeymoon, a packed vacation bag and/or comfortable travel clothes.

Wedding Rings

Don’t forget the wedding bands for both the groom and bride. It’s also a good idea to have a secure place to keep them until the ceremony.

Personal Care Items

It’s always a good idea to have a bag of typically-forgotten items like deodorant, cologne, aftershave, and grooming products like a comb or hairbrush. Don’t forget a cell phone charger!

Emergency Kit

In the same category, provide a small bag containing safety pins, stain remover, sewing kit, band-aids, and other emergency essentials in case of emergency. Make sure they’re prepared for anything from a spilled coffee to a papercut!

Gifts or Tokens

If the groom plans to give gifts to his groomsmen, make sure they are prepared and ready to be handed out. On the same note, if┬áthe groom plans to give a gift to his bride, make sure it’s ready to go.

Timeline and Contacts

It’s helpful to have a copy of the wedding day timeline and contact information for key vendors or wedding party members. It’s also helpful to include the address of the venue(s) and directions in case a wayward relative or friend gets lost and reaches out for help.

Speech or Toast Notes

If the groom or groomsmen plan to give a speech or toast during the reception, having notes or reminders can be helpful.

Snacks and Water

It’s essential to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day, especially if the schedule is busy. You don’t need anything to fancy, just a veggie/fruit plate, granola bars, bottles of water, etc..

Camera for Photos

While there will likely be a photographer, having a camera or phone to capture candid moments can be fun. It might also encourage even more photos to provide a polaroid or disposable camera.

Relaxation Tools

Some groomsmen may benefit from having stress-relief items like gum, mints, or even a small fidget toy to calm nerves. I’m sure no one will complain if you leave an electric massage gun in the room, as well.

By ensuring these essential items are ready and available, the groom and groomsmen can focus on enjoying the day and creating lasting memories. (Ps. Wondering if you can have a wedding without bridesmaids and groomsmen? Here’s what I think!)



Images by Amy & Stuart Photography