Fashion Find: Bridesmaid Gown

Hi friends! You know I love to share the fun fashion finds I occasionally come across online. This one is great for a bridesmaid dress! The Babbinet Halter Gown from Nordstrom is a tad pricey at $245, but something about it is just so striking!

If your ‘maids can swing it (or if you’re able to purchase them as a gift), it’s a gorgeous gown with such an ethereal feel. Pictured above is the blush color, which is a great classic. Here are the other two fantastic colors:



I can really see this working for lots of different types of weddings – a formal event, a daytime garden wedding, a summer wedding, etc.

And isn’t the back so fun? To make it a little more usable for your gals in the future, you could think about having it hemmed shorter for them after the wedding into more of a cocktail dress – they might be able to wear it to more events that way.

You can grab this beauty at Nordstrom.

That’s all for now!




Images courtesy of Nordstrom