How to Support Your Wedding Vendors During the Coronavirus Crisis

With COVID-19 causing lockdowns across the country and the world, it’s a challenging time for many businesses, and the wedding industry has been hit particularly hard. Behind each magical day is a dedicated team of small business owners and self-employed talent, and many are struggling to keep afloat. But we really are all in this together! Tough times call for us to make it through by being kind, and helping one another wherever we can. So, just as wedding vendors are doing everything in their power to support couples, here are a few ways you can show them some love in return. Why not use your extra time now to pay it forward? To your wedding team and anyone in your life!

Postpone, don’t cancel. While only you can choose what is right for you and your loved ones, the best thing you can do at this point is to postpone rather than cancel your big day. In most cases, vendors will work with you to ensure any money you have paid is transferred rather than lost. At the same time, they will be able to continue doing what they do, so that they can make your dream wedding happen down the line. And you won’t regret having that magical experience when the time comes!

Be patient and flexible. Even when larger gatherings are permitted again, you may find some elements have shifted. Many of these will be completely out of your vendors’ control. For example, certain flowers may no longer be in season and certain fabrics may no longer be available. You may also need to consider a weekday wedding date. Work with your vendor team to find alternatives that you love and let your team work their magic for you.

Pay your deposit or wedding bill in full. Of course, everyone has financial concerns at the moment. But if you have the means to pay your bills in advance, or put down a bigger deposit now, it will make a big difference to a small business.

Sing their praises. A simple way to support your wedding vendors is to go online and leave them a positive review, so other couples will know how much you love working with them!

Like, love and comment. Every double tap or comment on social media posts means the world to a small business. Interacting with their profiles will also help them to reach new clients for future seasons.

Support wedding vendors’ other income streams. Many wedding businesses are offering additional services during this time. Supporting them will help these businesses to keep going. For example, some caterers are offering home-delivered meals, florists are making fresh flower deliveries and boutiques have taken sample sales online. Some creative vendors even have Etsy shops selling beautiful (and often not wedding-related) items, like landscape prints and other homeware. If you’re not sure whether your vendors are offering anything like this, be sure to ask!

Thank you to all my wonderful clients who have reached out during the last few weeks. Together, we will get through this! My team and I will always be here for you, now and in the future. I’ve been in business for the last three decades and nothing is going to change that! But don’t forget to support those whom you can, when you can…words to live by, pandemic or not.