How to Tell if Your Suit or Tux Fits

Hi friends! This one’s for the boys! When picking out tuxedos or suits for the groom and groomsmen, the fit is key. You can spend loads on a suit, but if the fit is off, your whole look is off. Assessing the fit is also really important when you or your groomsmen are renting, since alterations aren’t quite an option. Here’s what to look for:

  • On a suit, the trouser hems should break over a third of the length of the shoe and brush the top of the heel in the back. On a tux, the pants should hang straight and just brush the top of the shoe.
  • The jacket collar should lie evenly at the back and sides of the neck. With the shirt collar, you should have one finger’s worth of space between the collar and the neck.
  • Jacket shoulders shouldn’t extend too far beyond your shoulder line.
  • Your jacket sleeves should hit the wrist bone. Your shirt cuffs should extend a half inch beyond those jacket sleeves.
  • If your jacket has a back vent, it shouldn’t pull open – otherwise the jacket is too tight.

Happy shopping!



Header image by Ira Lippke