Including Your Dog in Wedding Celebrations



Despite all the sickness and sadness in the world right now, I have decided to continue to share joy, love, and beauty. I want to be part of the happy moments in your day and I hope continuing to share wedding inspiration will help you plan for the future and maybe take your mind off things for a minute. So today, we talk pets!

Weddings are times of celebration with all of the people in your life that matter most to you. And not just people! Many couples choose to bring their furry friends along to enjoy the festivities. After all, they’re part of the family too! Here are some ways to include your dog in wedding celebrations.

Get ready with your dog.

There may be some last minute stressors as you’re getting ready and the ceremony is approaching. Calm your nerves with sweet puppy kisses and pets by having your dog with you in your dressing room.

Make your pup a part of the wedding party.

If they are well-trained and can do this without too much commotion, it can be such a sweet way to incorporate them into the ceremony. You can even make your dog the ring-bearer. Tie an on-theme pouch around their neck and have them walk your rings down the aisle. Because this is a big task for a four-legged friend, ensure that your dog gets lots of practice! Find more tips, here.

Have the flower girl guide your dog down the aisle.

This is sure to be a tear-jerker moment. I mean is there anything cuter than dogs and kids? With flowers, pearls, or bling, a leash and collar can fit right into your wedding decor. Your dog and flower girl could even wear matching tutus!

Invite your furry companion to the cocktail hour.

Let them wander and make the rounds. That way, they’ll end up in a bunch of pictures and be a welcome surprise to guests. This is a great idea for older and/or calmer dogs that won’t try to steal a bite and will behave.

Bring your dog along for the photos.

For more hyper and less obedient furry friends, this is a great alternative. They can be in the engagement photos, bridal portraits, or any of your couple and family photos. Dress them up with a flower collar, so they match your floral arrangement for a charming touch.

There are so many sweet ways to make your pooch a part of your special day. Keep in mind that you know them best and be sure to check with your venue before you bring an unwanted guest! However you choose include your dog in wedding activities, be sure that there is no potential for disaster (and assigned handler is a great idea). How will your pup make an appearance at your wedding?