Mindy Weiss Candles Are In!

Mindy's Memos


Looking for a great holiday gift, bridesmaid gift or bridal shower gift? Did you know that I have my very own line of candles (and a few other fun products as well)?! That’s right! I don’t like to talk about myself too much here on the blog but today I want to share with you theĀ Mindy Weiss candles, some of my favorite gifts to give and scents to burn.


I spent ages testing and testing until I got just the right fragrance for both the black and white versions. The black is a deliciously smokey musk, full bodied and great for a groom’s room while getting ready. I love to light candles in special places so that memorable moments have a scent recognition. Placing candles not only in event restrooms but in the bridal suite or honeymoon suite creates a sensory experience I think adds a little something extra special.

The white candles are even more yummy, depending on your scent preferences of course. They smell of blackcurrant leaves, the essence of rose and just a hint of musk too. When I burn these in my office, zen starts to take over. I just love them!


My Mindy Weiss candles have been such a labor of love to create for you and I hope you enjoy the scents as much as I do. The wooden wicks make for a beautiful flame and of course they come boxed, ready to gift to your favorite bride or groom or other party host or hostess.

Looking for a great holiday gift? I always keep these on hand, you never know when you might need a quick something to take to a party.

I hope you enjoy the collection! You can shop the colors and scents here. Tell me what you think? What’s your favorite scent? Any new scents on your wishlist?


Images by Dennis Kwan