National Cake Day: Creative Cake Ideas


A traditional multi-tiered wedding cake might be what your guests are expecting. Instead, wow your friends and family with a fun twist on this wedding tradition! Your wedding doesn’t have to have cake in the traditional wedding cake form. In honor of National Cake Day (on 11/26), here are 6 unique ways to to weave cake into your wedding day.


Surprise your groom with a groom’s cake. Use his favorites as inspiration for a theme! This could be his favorite sports team, a hobby, or even a favorite place. Combine that with his favorite cake flavors and you have a thoughtful cake surprise that he’ll love.

Send your guests home with cake jars. This is a great spin on a traditional wedding cake. Choose your favorite type of cake and create these end-of-the-night gifts that your guests are sure to love.

Desserts and Cocktails

Fill your dessert bar with variations of cake. Add cake shooters, cake push pops, and cake pops to your dessert bar as a fun way to spice it up.

Add cake flavored cocktails to your bar menu. Maybe a German chocolate cake martini, a strawberry shortcake mimosa, birthday cake shots, or all three!


Serve up a floating cake. Place your cake on a swing and adorn it with flowers for a show-stopping twist on the traditional wedding cake. The decor and florals can include your wedding color palette and compliment your other flower arrangements.

Serve your guests individual mini cakes. Cake can be its own course! Come up with a selection of cakes for your guests to choose from. Instead of slices, serve each guest their own personal wedding cake.

There are so many unique ways to weave cake into your wedding. Whether you compliment your wedding cake with these ideas or replace your cake altogether, impress your guests with a spin on a time honored tradition.

If you love traditional wedding cakes, but want to add personal touches, take a look at these ideas.

And Happy National Cake Day!



Image by Dennis Kwan.