Don’t Make These Post-Pandemic Wedding Planning Mistakes

Putting a wedding together can be difficult at the best of times, but post-pandemic wedding planning is a new challenge altogether. It helps to be aware of the pitfalls so you can avoid them. That’s what I’m here for! I’m passionate about helping engaged couples through their wedding planning journeys. That’s why I created the MAD About Weddings program together with my friend and fellow event planner, Debbie Geller. With our collective 30+ years in the industry, there’s nothing we don’t know about wedding planning! Our series of 12 videos walks you step by step through every part of the process. And, of course, that includes helping you avoid common wedding planning mistakes. To get you started, here are my top three post-pandemic wedding planning errors – and how to avoid them!

Waiting to book venue or vendors. With so many weddings postponed due to COVID-19, vendors are now having to accommodate unprecedented numbers of bookings. This will last through 2022 and even into 2023. Booking 12-15 months ahead is becoming the norm. So don’t wait! When you find a vendor you love, lock in their services. The same goes for venues. It’s all about making fast (but smart) decisions and booking everything as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Start researching and reaching out as soon as you’re engaged – at least for a planner and property to start.

Not allowing for flexibility. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the last year, it’s that life is unpredictable! In post-pandemic wedding planning, it’s vital to have several contingency plans in place, as well as a flexible approach. For example, couples may have several versions of their guest list, or design their wedding in a way that allows it to be moved to a different season or location, if necessary. Give yourself as many options as possible. And remember that the details aren’t what’s important – as long as you’re together, your big day will be amazing!

Trying to go it alone. There are a lot of moving parts to post-pandemic wedding planning. That’s why it’s so important to take all the help you can get. Say yes to offers from family and friends. Assemble an expert vendor team, including a good wedding planner. If you’re not able to have a professional planner on board, be sure to sign up for MAD About Weddings. It’s like having Debbie and I (virtually) by your side! We walk you through every element, from first steps to wrapping things up the day after.

Want to know more about MAD About Weddings? Head over to the website, where you can see a full course outline.


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.