Mindy’s New and Improved WEDDING DAY EMERGENCY KIT


After 32 years in the wedding business and working up close and personal with 1000’s of Brides and Bridesmaids
I am re-introducing The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit.
Each item has been selected with care and necessity. The greatest plus is you can use and refill the cosmetic bag for years to come …oh and of course it’s really cute! Great for Bride , Bridesmaid Gift, Shower Gift, “Will you be my Bridesmaid” gift
Honeymoon and well … you don’t even have to be getting married to enjoy it!
What’s inside?
-Mindy’s Brand New Diamond Shine Jewelry Cleaner
-Manicure set
-Emory board
-Tooth brush/paste
-Baby Powder
-Face Mask
-Hand and Foot Mask
-Shower cap
-Sewing Kit
-Ear Plugs
-(2) Advil and (2) Tylenol
-(4) Band-Aid
-Hair Brush
-Hair Spray
-Bobby Pins
-Oil Blotting Sheets
-Cucumbers for Eyes
-Shower Gloves