7 Ways to Weave Pumpkin Spice into a Fall Wedding



Fall season is upon us! How many pumpkin spice lattes have you had this month already? If you have a pumpkin spice obsession like so many others, have you considered included a nod to the flavor into your fall wedding? Everything from food to décor and invitations can weave a common thread throughout the day. So for those who love a fall flavor or two, here are seven ideas to include pumpkin spice into your fall wedding!

Pumpkin spice décor ideas

Design your wedding with a pumpkin spice color palette. Burnt oranges and chestnut browns can warm up your wedding. Incorporate these colors into your invitations, floral arrangements, place cards, bouquets, and any other part of your wedding that could use a little spice!

Use pumpkin spice scented candles in the bathrooms at your wedding venue. This way, your wedding will smell as good as it looks – just be careful not to place these around food or it can be overwhelming.

Pumpkin spice food ideas

Incorporate pumpkin spice in your dessert bar. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin shooters, and pumpkin donuts are three delicious ways to bring the theme to the dessert table. This is a sweet way to make you and your guests remember the reason for the season.

Create a latte bar. This can include pumpkin spice and other fall favorites! Vanilla, gingerbread, and eggnog can be great compliments to pumpkin spice.

Add a pumpkin spice soup to your dinner menu. A nice, hearty soup can be just want your guests need at a chilly fall wedding. This is a wonderful way to warm them up and weave in that pumpkin spice obsession.

Pumpkin spice gift ideas

Place pumpkin spice granola in your welcome bags. This is a wonderful way to thank your wedding guests and keep them energized before the ceremony too.

Give mini pumpkin pies as party favors. With cute boxes and a ribbon, mini pumpkin pies are a sweet way to bring your pumpkin pie theme home with your guests.

Are you ready to weave pumpkin spice into your seasonal event? Looking for more ideas? Check out another fun fall wedding theme here.