Romantic NYE at Home



New Year’s Eve is a night full of celebration. You may be exhausted from all of the events you’ve been to or needing to rest up for the year to come. If so, there’s nothing wrong with a romantic NYE at home. In fact, it might be just what you and your partner need. Here are a few ideas to make it special.

Personal touches

Surprise your spouse with a romantic setup. Create a cozy atmosphere with blankets and pillows on the living room floor. If you have a fire place, get it going and warm up the house. Light candles all around for mood lighting and ambience. Sip some champagne, have a floor picnic, and ring in the New Year together.

Order your favorite foods and put on your favorite show. One way to spend quality time with your significant other is to relish in your favorites. For those busy couples, free time together might be scarce around the holidays. Use NYE as a way to reconnect and relax.

Reflect back on what you’re most grateful for. Going down memory lane from the past year is a great way to find the small stuff that you’re thankful for. Perhaps you’ll notice things you didn’t before. Use this as a way to connect with your partner as you say goodbye to the year.

List ideas

Come up with a list of couple’s goals. The end of the year and beginning of the new is a wonderful time to set new objectives. Think about what results you would like to see in 2020 and come up with a roadmap to get there. This could be things you want to work on in your relationship, projects you want to complete together, or even individual goals that you can keep each other accountable for.

Create a 2020 bucket list. Brainstorm all of the things that you want to do with your partner in the upcoming year. Then, make a list of the top items that are important to both of you. Some ideas are places you want to visit, restaurants you want to try, or date nights you want to have.

The midnight kiss

Don’t forget to kiss at midnight. Count down the last ten seconds before the New Year and kiss as the clock strikes twelve. This is a tradition that has lasted through the years. End your night with this gesture of romance and commitment to take on 2020 together. And if you can’t stay up that late, it’s 12 o’clock somewhere!

However you choose to celebrate as a couple, enjoy your romantic NYE at home! If you think you might want to have a few people over after all, don’t miss my holiday inspiration. Cheers to the end of a wonderful year!