Special Roles for Children in Your Wedding

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Flower girls

Hi friends! Some of the most adorable wedding moments I’ve seen involve children. If you’re into involving kids in your big day (and it’s OK if that’s not your thing) there are a lot of ways you can incorporate them into your ceremony. Whether you have kids of your own or siblings, cousins, nieces or nephews, here are some fun jobs for the little tykes:

  • Ring Bearer – Traditionally, the ring bearer is a boy between the ages of three and seven and he brings the rings down the aisle. Word of caution: I highly recommend the ring bearer bringing a replica of the rings versus the actual rings – entrusting your precious jewelry to a young child could spell disaster.
  • Flower Girl – Also between the ages of three and seven, she walks down the aisle right before the bride, scattering petals. You can certainly have more than one flower girl! In which case, have some fun and dress them alike; it’s super cute!
  • Junior Bridesmaids and Ushers – Girls and boys between the ages of eight and fourteen can be junior bridesmaids or ushers. The girls wear more age-appropriate versions of the bridesmaid dresses and walk down the aisle after the bridesmaids. The boys will also wear tuxes or suits (in line with what the groomsmen are wearing) and walk down the aisle with the groomsmen.
  • The Bell Ringer – This is a fun one. Just before the bride walks down the aisle, have a child stand at the front of the aisle and ring a bell, announcing that the bride is coming. This is perfect for a younger child.
  • Create Your Own Role – While the above are more traditional roles for children in weddings, you can be creative and put your own spin on things! Assign some kiddies to hand out flower petals or programs, or have a small procession of children carry (unlit) candles down the aisle for a candle ceremony. This is the time to create your own traditions.

So how do you entice some of the younger ones to actually make it down the aisle? I love having a small, noiseless treat waiting for them on their chairs. Think a bridal Barbie for the flower girl or a superhero toy for the ring bearer (be sure to take it out of the package). These will keep them occupied during the nuptials and make for some adorable photos.

Just remember, when involving children in your wedding ceremony things may not go exactly according to plan. A giggle here or a slip-up there is to be expected…and only adds to the charm!




Header image by Joe Buissink