How to Surprise Your Fiancé on Your Wedding Day

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Surprise-Your-FiancePlanning your wedding day details, traditions and moments can often feel very guest-focused. You want to give your loved ones an incredible experience, full of surprises at every turn. But what about your future spouse? Consider ways to surprise your fiancé on your big day and those little moments may turn into the memories they remember most. Ultimately, it’s about you two, too! So how do you surprise your fiancé on your wedding day when you’re planning this party together?

Given them a gift.

Traditionally couples exchange small (or large) gifts on the morning of the wedding. These are often delivered by friends from the wedding party and can range from a small token to wear on the wedding day to an investment in a designer watch or piece of jewelry, even tickets to a surprise trip to come. If you plan to give your other half a gift, make it personal and you’ll surprise and delight before the ceremony even starts.

Pen a card they’ll keep forever.

Whether or not you decide to give a gift, sending a love note to your partner the morning of the wedding is a sweet sentiment they won’t forget. Send it along with your gift or send it as a sweet something for them to wake up to. Either way, speak from the heart and they’ll keep that card forever.

Send out a sweet treat during the reception.

Surprise a guy with a groom’s cake in his favorite flavor or theme, deliver donuts to the dance floor late night if that’s a favorite of your fiancé. Serve up an unexpected sweet surprise in the dessert bar that represents their childhood or other happy memories. A sweet surprise is always a good idea!

Write your vows in a keepsake journal or book.

If you plan to exchange personally written vows, consider writing them down in a vows notebook or journal. It’s just a small keepsake but it will be tucked away for the rest of your lives.  Give them the gift of something happy to reflect back on from time to time throughout your marriage.

Send over a snapshot.

Whether or not you opt to take boudoir photos on your big day, you can certainly send a sneak peek of what’s to come. Send a selfie while you’re getting ready, ask your photographer to capture an element of your look and give them something to smile about. Build the anticipation and communicate briefly to surprise your future spouse and get them excited to kick off the festivities ahead.

Inscribe something sweet.

If you’re exchanging wedding bands, consider inscribing your wedding date, a sweet thought or word that represents your love on the inside of the band and let them see it for the first time on the wedding day.

Send something to the wedding party.

Surprise your fiancé on your wedding day but also consider surprising their friends. Send a small amenity, a bottle of their favorite beverage, a survival kit or anything the group can use to get ready or have fun with before the functions start. They’ll appreciate the extra sentiment.

How will you surprise you fiancé on your wedding day?



Image by Valorie Darling.