Watch Out World…Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Hi Friends,

Fun Bat Mitzvah the other night!A mostly kids party full of color, energy and alot of food! The Theme “Watch Out World” . The event was at “The Mark” in Los Angeles a great blank space where we could whatever we want. Cameron’s favorite colors Hot Pink and Turquoise. The Bat Mitzvah girl did not want the adults in the kids dancing area so we created an adult lounge, clean, white and little sensory overload  What I love about this precious girl is she loves potato chips! Me too! So for the first time ever we did a Chip Bar 🙂 …we framed the bags instead of name labels. Look at our Preggos Amy resting on the steps of In and Out truck 1 of 5 food trucks we had to feed the hungry little 13 year olds. Amy did a great job coordinating this event. We repurposed the chip table for the candy table…love re-using :). Also meet Shan the Candyman! I’ve known him for 30 years…a sugar artist..amazing entertainment. Also loving LA Photo Party and Brian brought along Amy Tangerine to scrapbook the pictures for the birthday girl! Fantastic! Enjoy! xox Mindy