5 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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Happy New Year and congratulations on your engagement! This is a huge milestone in your life as well as your spouse’s that you’ll want to share with everyone (as you should!). It can be tricky to decide who to tell, how, when, and in what order. Enjoy the celebration at every turn, just be sure to respect the feelings of those that matter most too! Here are five ways to announce your engagement that everyone is sure to love.

Tell your close family and friends first. It’s important that the people closest to you find out before everyone else. If you share your big announcement on Facebook before telling your parents, they may not take it well. By making it a priority to tell your immediate family and friends, you show them a level of respect and trust with your big news. Then they can celebrate digitally with you!

Have professional engagement photos taken. When you post on social media or send out those save-the-dates, you’ll want to have a lot of beautiful pictures to choose from. By hiring a professional, you’ll have access to a variety of high quality images for any kind of announcement! For tips to make sure your engagement photos are great, click here.

Take to social media. For a quick and simple announcement, post the classic down-on-one-knee photo or the shameless ring snap. It’s your time to shine, so show off a little!

Live stream the proposal. Have your friends and family tune in live to the big event. Once your immediate loved ones are in the know, share the proposal with all of your followers and friends. This is a fantastic way to get everyone in your life involved, even if they can’t be there in person. If you want to keep the proposal itself private, live stream afterwards and announce your new engagement to the camera together.

Create an engagement video. Compile photos and videos of your special memories of you and your new fiancé into one video. At the end of the video, share your news and a wedding date, month, or season (if you’ve decided on one). This is a great way to go down memory lane as a couple and really enjoy being engaged and all of the time you’ve spent together. This is also a fun way to announce a bit more about your partner, in the event you’ve been private up until now.

I hope you enjoyed these ways to announce your engagement. However you choose to share this exciting news, do it in your own time. If you’re ready to tell the world the second it happens, go for it! If you want to keep it private and enjoy your engagement in secrecy for a little while, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Just be sure to take it all in and breath. You’ll want to remember all of these moments.

Congratulations again! How will you share your engagement?