3 Ways to Personalize Place Cards

Planning Advice

ways-to-personalize-place-cardsPlace cards have become a must-do these days, with large wedding sizes, it’s so much easier to tell your guests where to sit instead of the awkward ring around the table or tables if you don’t opt for an escort card either. (An escort card tells your guest what table to sit at. A place card tells them which chair at the table to take.) There are many ways to make this a personal (and even fun) experience for your guests. And if you’re having a holiday soiree or dinner party, these are especially fun!

Here are a few ways I like to personalize place cards.

If you’re hosting a dinner party, make your guests guess where they should sit. I love a good ice breaker and a place card is a great way to start (if you’re not in a hurry to get everyone seated). Instead of including the name of the person on the card, fill it up with descriptions that would tell you who it is (their job, number of children, favorite things, nickname, college). This is a great way to get strangers to get to know one another quickly and get the conversations started.

Even if you opt for a traditional place card on paper, you can still make it personal with what you attach it to. Consider a special flower tied to the guest’s name. Pick a flower unique to them – their favorite stem or one you think they would love. You can do this with other goods too, depending on the theme of your party. For a Halloween bash, attach the place card to their favorite candy treat. At Thanksgiving, include a reason you are thankful for them (great for Friendsgiving!).

Another way to make a place card personal is to make the seat assignment a gift or favor too! For a Christmas party, tie each napkin with a personalized ornament with the guest’s initials or name painted on it. For a wedding related event, a custom box of chocolates or even a photo or fond memory together can make a great place card.

If you think about the guests in your group and use them as your inspiration, it’s easy to find creative ways to personalize your place cards and show them you care!



Image by Valorie Darling Photography