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Wedding + Event Planner.

An inventive eye, a passion for party planning, and a calming kindness on a wedding day are what Mindy Weiss believes has allowed her company to withstand the test of time over the past three decades. Known as one of the most creative minds in the events community, bringing to life the unimaginable in uniquely personal ways is what she does best.

Mindy and her energetic team plan and produce parties and weddings around the world for couples, corporations, non-profit organizations, celebrity, and social hosts of all kinds. With a home base in Los Angeles and a vast experience on the road, no matter where one celebrates, a Mindy Weiss signature event is one that is truly yours, never hers.

Since launching in 1992, Mindy has expanded her brand into product lines, best-selling books, and brand partnerships, continuing to bring a sense of whimsy and love to all that she does.

  • "Mindy, you are our therapist, peace keeper, cheerleader, stress reliever... I can go on and on.

    Your heart and love is one of one! We love you soooo."

    - Khloe Kardashian