Apple Wedding Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

apple-wedding-ideasIn my last story, I shared a lemon-inspired tabletop for those endless summer nights. But as much as I want to enjoy these long summer days a bit more, I am looking to our fabulous fall events! Fall sparks memories of harvest of grapes, and apples too! If you’re considering a fall wedding, consider these apple wedding ideas to inspire your decor, drinks, and of course, desserts!

Here are 4 apple wedding ideas to consider for your upcoming I dos.

Get married in an apple orchard and encourage guests to pick their own party favor. Work with your venue to allow guests to take a handful of apples in custom bags or baskets. This can double as an experience and a wedding favor to take home after the day is done.

Infuse apples into the menu Рthe bar and the meal. Fresh apple salads, cider drinks, caramel apples in a dessert bar, apple pie (naturally), even a more formal wedding cake works well with an apple cake topper (perhaps a pair dipped in a metallic color to match your decor). Serving seasonal fruit is always a good idea!

Wed under an apple archway. Create a ceremony structure dripping in beautiful harvest colored apples. Later in the night, repurpose the arch to frame the wedding cake underneath and create a second focal point at the reception.

Use apples in all kinds of decor! Apple escort cards are a festive and sweet way to start the celebration. Tiny crab apples in your bouquet or larger apples woven into your centerpieces can be subtle ways to enhance your wedding floral. Even bunches of apples on the bar tops bring color and life into little touch points that make big impacts. Think about every place guests will congregate and consider how you can upgrade the area. Experiences count too – consider an apple bobbing station!

The one thing to keep in mind is that if apples are the focal point, don’t use too much decor around them. Less is more – let them shine!



Image by Abby Jiu Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings