10 Creative Engagement Ideas

While it almost feels like yesterday that it was Valentine’s Day, sweater weather and PSL in the air mean one thing: engagement season’s on the horizon! In fact, more couples get engaged in December than during any other month of the year. And 2022 is bound to be no exception! But how do you go about popping the question in a cool way? And where do you find creative engagement ideas? After all, a great proposal is also a special story for your sweetheart to share with future generations (not to mention all their friends, family, colleagues, and probably a few random strangers!) Of course, the best proposals are tailored to the couple you are and the things you love, but these ideas are a great way to get you started. Here are 10 creative engagement ideas to start planning now.

Style a unique space. If you want to go all out and create a truly Insta-worthy proposal, choose a unique location like a rooftop, a loft, a dock, or even a treehouse. Enlist the help of a planner to style the space with flowers and candles. You could even hire a musician or private chef. Your soon-to-be fiancé will never forget this magical moment!

Whisk them off to their favorite city. If your love has a favorite place in the world, whether it’s Paris, Rome, or somewhere closer to home, plan a ‘spontaneous’ trip there. Once there, choose an iconic location for your proposal. Be sure to hire a photographer to capture the moment!

Propose on the plane. If you can’t wait until you arrive at your destination, pop the question on the plane! Talk to the airline and cabin crew beforehand and ask them to allow you to use the speaker system or have the pilot make an announcement. And be sure to order champagne after! (This is probably one to avoid if your sweetie doesn’t like public displays.)

Surprise him, her, or they with a street performance. The best part about this one is the element of surprise. Picture the scene. You go out for a romantic dinner and afterwards, casually stroll past an artist, musician, or a capella group. You stop to enjoy the show, only to recognize your love’s name in a song (or something similar) and they find you down on one knee. A more private twist on this is to arrange with a caricaturist to include the all-important question in a ‘spur of the moment’ sketch of the two of you.

Propose while Christmas tree shopping. There are so many opportunities for creative engagement ideas during the holidays! Plan a trip to a Christmas tree farm and arrange ahead of time with the owner to place a ‘will you marry me’ ornament on a selected tree. Then toast your engagement with hot cocoa and cookies.

Get an assist from Santa. For a proposal worthy of a Hallmark movie, wait in line to get a picture with Santa and then drop to one knee just before the camera snaps. You’ll be able to capture their reaction (and get what you want for Christmas).

Paint a picture. Suggest a paint class for your next date night and be sure to sit opposite one another so your love can’t see your canvas. They’ll never suspect until you turn it around to reveal the words: will you marry me? (Be sure to warn the teacher so they don’t accidentally spill the beans!)

Ask at an ice rink. If you’re looking for a great winter engagement location, then look no further than the local ice rink! Dressed up for the holidays, an ice rink can be a magical space to pop the question. Be sure to talk to the management to arrange the best time. They may be able to help you find a private moment or help you along by playing ‘your song’.

Follow the ribbon. At-home proposals are super romantic and provide a beautiful private moment for just you two. Place a ribbon at your front door and have your partner follow it through the home. Along the way, tie photos, memories, and love notes. At the end, of course, they’ll find the ring!

Make a video. If you rate your amateur filmmaking skills, you can put together a fun video trailer for them to watch, ending with a proposal. There are so many creative possibilities, from recreating a favorite film scene or music video (rope in family and friends!) to a photo montage to a simple on-screen declaration of love. How you show it is also up to you. Play it before your next Netflix binge, during a family event, or even as a trailer (by pre-arrangement) at your local cinema.

Hope you enjoyed these creative engagement ideas and that they gave you inspiration for your proposal!