5 Fresh Summer Wedding Color Combinations

Summer is a wonderful season for weddings. Think: sun-drenched outdoor ceremonies, blooms by the armful, fruity cocktails and dancing under the stars. That is, unless you have a global pandemic to contend with. But while summer 2020 may be a little different thanks to COVID-19, that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming about next year (and the vibrant summer wedding color combos that might bring) or plan an elopement this year. We all need something to look forward to, and I find a splash of color is always a great way to cheer myself up if I’m feeling down. Plus, summer 2021 brides and grooms will be able to add structure to their wedding planning when they know the look and feel they’re working towards.

Here are five fresh, bold summer wedding color palettes to inspire you!

Classic blue and magenta. This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is just the kind of calming influence we need right now, and it acts as the perfect anchor shade for punchy pinks like fuchsia and magenta. Add in some lemon yellow for an Amalfi-inspired palette, or peach and sage for an organic, garden feel. Add blue glassware and blue-on-white prints for plenty of pretty texture, and you have a winning combination!

Citrus sorbets. Nothing says summer like bright and breezy citrus shades. Especially yellow, the most cheerful of all hues! Contrast lemon or pineapple yellow, soothing mango, and punchy watermelon with bright white and soft lime. This is a summer wedding color palette full of vigor, playfulness, and femininity. Just the kind of happy energy you want to convey to your guests.

Mauve, terracotta, and mulberry. Embracing color doesn’t always have to mean going bright. Dusky mauve is making a real impact at the moment and looks romantic, sophisticated and just a little moody paired with neutrals like terracotta, ivory and peach, and pops of dark mulberry red, or even black. This summer wedding color combo is full of warmth and richness without being overdone.

Scarlet and blush. Add a hot twist to classic blush pink with hot scarlet or poppy red. This gorgeous pink and red combination is super romantic and feminine, but punchy and fun too. For an even bigger pop of color, add golden magnolia to the mix. That’s pure summer, right there! And don’t forget to add a bright, bold red lip to your bridal look to complete the fiesta vibe.

Pistachio, blush, vermillion, and antique blue. For a softer palette, opt for classic summer pastels like soft green, pink, and blue and mix them with a pop of yellow. Instant sunshine! This painterly palette is light, airy, and fresh, but elegant too. It’s also great for spring weddings.

Which of these haute summer wedding color palettes is your favorite?