How to Include White in Your All-White Wedding

There’s something undeniably chic about an all-white wedding. This clean, bright monochrome is as timeless as it gets. But that doesn’t mean an all-white wedding has to be super formal. In fact, it can work for all kinds of wedding vibes, including modern, boho, preppy, and whimsical. It also works for every season. Every day is a nice day for a…. white wedding, as Billy Idol would say!

However, while an all-white wedding theme is incredibly versatile, it’s important not to let it become flat and one-dimensional. Introducing lots of texture is a must, and so is layering whites by incorporating them in lots of unique and creative ways. Wondering where to start? Read on for all my top tips for how to include white in your all-white wedding!

Attire. The old rule that only the bride can wear white to a wedding isn’t one you need to stick to. In fact, an all-white wedding party is super elegant and stylish and definitely doesn’t mean that you won’t stand out. Dress your girls in white bridesmaid dresses in a completely different fabric where the texture contrasts from yours, like satin, tulle, or linen. You can also distinguish your outfits by length and style, or why not opt for super sparkly metallic or glitter accents for your dress? If you like the all-white look, you don’t have to stop with the bridesmaids or groomsmen either. Why not follow in the footsteps of a number of celebs and have an all-white dress code for your guests too?

Stationery. All-white stationery might sound difficult to pull off, but it’s surprisingly easy. In fact, an all-white invitation suite is the easiest (and prettiest) way to set the tone for the whole day. Letterpress is the secret weapon here, as it adds the dimension needed (and is super luxe and gorgeous too). Vellum is also a useful textural addition. Alternatively, use a light gray color or gold as your font color. Seal your envelopes with snowy white wax seals.

Furnishings. If you can, having your white wedding outdoors or in a tent is ideal as it gives you the most control over elements like seating, tables, and flooring. Nothing will ruin the effect of an all-white wedding like an ugly hotel carpet or curtains! Chair covers are always an option. Better yet, choose white Chiavari chairs, modern ghost chairs, or chairs in a pale neutral wood that doesn’t break up the flow. Plush white lounge furnishings arranged into small ‘pods’ are also a great addition for cocktail hour or the reception.

Florals. Lush white florals are one of the most powerful ways to include white in your all-white wedding, especially if you go big and have at least one statement floral installation. There are endless varieties of white flowers in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and textures, so mix and match them! Top tip – when checking out your venue for the first time, be sure to look out for little corners where you can strategically add a focus-pulling installation or arrangement. For example, a flower-decked bar area is always spectacular.

Table Décor. For the tables at an all-white wedding, it is ALL about the texture. Mix it up with unique linens, for example, or add chargers, runners, or napkins in unique fabrics (or fabric combinations). Think lace, faux fur, sequins, crosshatch patterns, silk, marble, etc. You can also play up texture with a variety of white and clear glass plates, as well as stationery, favors, candles, and flowers. All those beautiful layers will really wow your guests!

The Menu. Of course, a white wedding cake at your all-white wedding is a must. But you can also have fun with your main menu and serve up dishes that fit the theme (and also won’t cause problems if they spill). As an example, a white bean soup as a starter or a pasta with a creamy white wine sauce. For mains, chicken or fish, or a cauliflower steak for the vegetarians. There are lots of dessert options too, like meringues, panna cotta, and white chocolate mousse. Even better, set up an all-white dessert table.

How are you incorporating white into your all-white wedding?


Image by Norman and Blake Photography