How to Style Your Wedding Aisle


Dressing up your wedding ceremony should not be overlooked. You may have limitations set by your church or temple so speak to the team before you make big plans. But when getting married outdoors or in a unique space, typically, the sky’s the limit.

So how to style your wedding aisle?

Start with flowers! One of the most effective ways to dress up a wedding ceremony is with potted plants, flowers or arrangements. Dress the entire length of the aisle or every few rows of chairs (to save on product used). The larger the arrangements, the fewer you’ll need. And many or all of these can be repurposed later into your wedding reception decor so they serve a dual purpose.


If budget doesn’t allow for florals everywhere, placing a few statement pieces at the back of the ceremony when guests walk in will also make an impact. how-to-style-your-wedding-aisle

Using a variety of chair and sofa options can spruce up a ceremony as well. If your furnishings create a visual impact you may choose to opt out of flowers.  creative-wedding-ceremonies

Or cover your ceremony chairs with interesting and varied chair covers to create a romantic look.


Even small trees or topiaries create a unique and different style. Just make sure they aren’t too tall to obstruct any view of the “I do’s!”


I do love the look of lots of flowers. You can never go wrong with florals down the aisle. The lush abundance creates a feeling of drama and romance to set the mood for the rest of the night.


But if that style isn’t a fit for you, consider dropping a few lanterns down to create an impact with candles and soft lighting.


No matter how you dress up or down your wedding ceremony, keep the rest of the event in mind. Re-use product where and when you can. Not only will this help you save when you style your wedding aisle but it creates less waste. And that’s always a good thing!



Images from top to bottom: Dennis Kwan, Donna Newman, Elizabeth MessinaYvette Roman, Ira Lippke, Simone Photography