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Rehearsal Dinner Ideas for 2023

If you’ve decided to plan a rehearsal, you’re likely swimming with rehearsal dinner ideas ranging from a backyard barbecue to a formal event. Whichever path choose, there are a handful of key elements to consider when planning a rehearsal dinner. The logistics are certainly a factor but so is the theme! One reason I love rehearsal dinners is that it acts as a segue into the big day. Different parties are arriving, social circles are mingling, and families are becoming more acquainted. Add in some spectacular food and drink and I find brides and grooms tend to relax and start to enjoy the fruits of their planning labor once the rehearsal dinner is underway. Here are some rehearsal dinner ideas for your 2023 celebration.

Choose a cuisine. Food is a universal language! Think about your and your partner’s favorite food. Could that cuisine and culture (tastefully) act as a guiding theme for your rehearsal dinner? For instance, take the vibrant flavors of Mexico. You’ve got brightly colored flags strung above, street tacos being served made-to-order, and an array of tequilas available for the perfect margarita or Paloma. The same train of thought can be applied to a Mediterranean fête for a rehearsal dinner idea.

Pop culture reference. Is there a show or phenomenon taking the world (or your inner circle) by storm? The uptick in Bridgerton-themed wedding fashion has been so entertaining to watch come to life! Another rehearsal dinner idea is to theme the menu, décor, or entertainment based on the year the couple started dating.

It’s just a nice color! Occasionally, you want something bolder and more spirited to captivate the eye. While you may not feel as sprightly planning a tangerine-colored wedding, an orange rehearsal dinner idea may be just the spark you crave. Take this opportunity to be playful with color or more envelope-pushing décor. As some rehearsal dinners are more casual, you may feel more comfortable leaning into a rehearsal dinner idea that sparks joy.

Location, location, location. Dreaming of a Tahitian getaway or yachting down the Amalfi Coast? Bring the destination to you. Palm fronds, pampas grasses, barrel-aged rums…all great bases for a rehearsal dinner idea. As it goes, one may feel more understated. Embracing a mellow version of your favorite Italian vacation can translate beautifully understated and still make a statement.

All this to say, your wildest rehearsal dinner ideas can be translated however you wish. Whether you are feeling courageous and daring or adhering to a more buttoned-up approach, your rehearsal dinner is a perfect occasion to execute on a smaller scale and with grand attention to detail!




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