Social Season – Ideas for a Summer Beach Party

There’s nothing that says summer quite like the sand, sun, and the soundtrack of the ocean’s waves in the background. As you set your plans for the season, a beach party may be just what you need to gather your friends and loved ones. Whether you have plans or are just starting to think about it, there are a ton of ways to go about planning a beach party.

This can include relaxing experiences, family-friendly days, and short gatherings. Here are just a few fun ideas for your summer beach party.

Beachside Spa Experience

Are you looking for something more relaxing for your party? A beachside spa experience allows you the space to enjoy the sun and waves while winding down from all of your summer plans. Have a series of masseuses and spa therapists on the shore ready to massage the knots out of your shoulders.

Add an extra touch with personalized drinks. Plus, small favors for your guests by having towels at the ready for everyone you invite.

Live Art Installations

Are you more of an artsy person? If you love the arts, a fun way to incorporate that into your summer beach party would be to have a live art installation on the beach. This can be one part of a whole theme for your night. Picture a stunning event of art installations surrounding a private bonfire with drinks and snacks by the waves.

Outdoor Cinema

Another way to enjoy a party while also having a more relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere is an outdoor movie night. For this, bring a projector and portable screen along to set up right on the beach. Have some comfy seating at the ready and blankets for when the salty breeze gets cold. Popcorn is a must for movie nights, but gourmet snacks and sweets are also a plus!

Sunset Dinner

A dinner by the ocean will be something your guests will remember for a long time to come. Set up a long table with beautiful linens and flowers as decoration and maybe even a bonfire for after the meal. To take some of the stress away, hire a private chef for the night to cook a delicious beach-themed meal. Surf and turf might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Day of Fun on the Sand

A day of fun on the beach can include everything from jet skis to beach volleyball! Have a selection of activities like paragliding, banana boat rides, jet ski runs, and more and you’ll throw a beach party to remember. Though, make sure with your local beach that whatever you plan is allowed.

One important piece to remember about planning a beach party is to obtain permits where needed. Along with this, make sure the beach you choose doesn’t have policies for bonfires or alcohol if you plan to partake in either.



Images by Amy & Stuart