How to Weave Fall into Your Wedding in a Subtle Way

Fall is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. That crispness in the air, the transitioning colors of the leaves, and the incredible harvest of produce and flowers that can turn any table or bouquet into a cornucopia of delight. But just because there are so many gorgeous fall wedding ideas doesn’t mean it has to become the theme of your wedding. Even if you don’t want pumpkins on the tables or a palette of reds and oranges, there are still lots of subtle fall wedding details you can weave throughout your big day. The effect is to make it feel seasonal without being overdone. All the natural beauty of autumn with none of the clichés! Incorporating just one or two will create a lovely seasonal reference while letting other elements shine.

Here are 10 subtle fall wedding details to get you started.

Candlelight. The best way to create a cozy atmosphere in any space is to make it glow with the warmth of candlelight. The more the better! Use a combination of votives, pillar candles, and taper candles on your tables. Enhance the look with additional lighting like Edison bulbs, twinkle lights, or neon signs.

Play with color. The traditional fall palette is one of burgundies, rusts, terracottas, and coppers but you don’t have to go that route. Any palette can be made fall-appropriate with the right shades and textures. For example, you could opt for warm, muted neutrals or pair pastels with moody, darker shades.

Use pops of fall shades. Alternatively, you can incorporate those traditional fall hues, but in very small doses. For example, yellow or orange glassware on the tables, chargers or plates in fall colors, taper candles, linens, or paper goods. (Just not all at once!)

Incorporate velvet. There’s no doubt that velvet immediately adds a warm, luxurious feel to any event, making it perfect for fall. Many fall brides choose elements like velvet bridesmaid dresses or linens, but there are lots of smaller ways you can weave this texture into the event. For example, velvet ribbons tied around programs or menus, velvet furnishings, or a velvet bow in the bride’s hair.

Fall accessories. Talking about hair accessories, these are a great way for the bride to bring a touch of fall to her attire. Think copper-toned hairpins or vines, or those with natural details like leaves and branches. Another beautiful and subtle option is to have fall leaves embroidered on your cathedral-length veil.

Tweed suits. Don’t forget the groom’s attire! Tweed is a classic choice for cooler months and a great option for a fall wedding! Tweed keeps the groom (and his groomsmen) warm, especially if you have an outdoor ceremony.

Seasonal flowers. One of the best ways to showcase any season is to use flowers in bloom. Not only can they be found in abundance, will be fresher, and better for your carbon footprint, but seasonal flowers will also naturally reflect the autumnal beauty that Mother Nature has created outdoors.

Serve a fall menu. Food is another great way to include seasonality in a more subtle but very effective way. There are so many options for fall foods that you can include on your menu. Think comfort food faves, warming soups, and hearty seasonal flavors.

Apple cider and donut bar. Even if you don’t have a full-on fall-themed menu, you can still showcase a fall favorite that will delight your guests! Before the ceremony or as a late-night treat, set up a hot apple cider and donut bar. Serve an assortment of glazed, plain, and cinnamon donuts, and be sure to have both spiked and non-alcoholic cider on hand.

Fall-inspired stationery. Paper goods are always a good way to add a theme or motif to your wedding design. Ask your stationer to include one or two subtle fall-inspired details to your design. They could also take a new twist on a classic motif like leaves or fall flowers that will be truly unique and original!

These are just a few of the subtle fall wedding details you can use to make your wedding feel autumnal in an elegant way! Which do you like the most?


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.